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Mascara Monday: The Battle of Mascaras. 17 Cosmetics Special

Today, I am super excited to introduce you to Jennifer, from The Makeup Journal who has kindly volunteered to review 2 mascaras for me. Jennifer’s blog is a joy to read: great reviews, great photography, fantastic nail art, gorgeous makeup looks and to top it all off, the most beautiful green eyes which I have totally fallen for, and which may have influenced my choice as a mascara guest blogger :)  


Over to you, Jennifer!


Hi everyone :) I'd like to thank Liloo for picking me as one of her guest bloggers, I've really enjoyed testing these mascaras.

First up, 17 Wild Curls Mascara in Black:

08-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review Wild Curls Mascara

07-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review Wild Curls brush

Wild Curls mascara is described as creating 'sexy, smouldering and sultry eyes that are loaded with volume and curl for a feline finish.' Strong claims eh... Well I think it does a pretty good job at doing just those things!

So what do I look for in a mascara? I know we all want different things from our mascaras but for me it must:

  • Be dark black.
  • Give plenty of lift and curl to my lashes and keep it there for at least until I get home from work.
  • Volume, volume and more volume. I want BIG lashes without falsies because I'm rubbish at applying them.
  • NO flaking or smudging! I don't want panda eyes - I have dark enough circles under my eyes thank you very much!
  • Water resistant. I don't tend to use waterproof - too hard to remove for lazy people such as myself.

So does Wild Curls tick all the boxes? Yep! I'm rather impressed with this mascara.
It is really easy to apply, the brush is thin and has lots of different sized bristles to catch all lashes. It gives me lots of volume but also some length which is a bonus. It looks quite nice with just one coat - sort of natural with added oomph but with two coats, it is lovely and glamorous. 17 claim that is will last up to 10 hours and it does. I applied it at 7am and it wore all through work until I got home at 6pm. It started to go a bit meh by bedtime but looked okay. If I was going out in the evening I would start again with the mascara so it was fresh. I also like the packaging, it is really fun. Now the price, £6.29 for 9ml - I can't fault that at all and I will definitely purchase this when the tube is finished.
Wild Curls is also available in brown, waterproof and a new 'Wildest Black'.

05-01-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review Wild Curls 1 coat

06-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review  Wild Curls 2 coats

The other mascara Liloo sent me to review was 17 Va Va Voom Mascara in Black:

04-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review  Va Va Voom Mascara

03-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review  Va Va Voom brush

Va Va Voom mascara is described as 'creating big, dramatic eyes or subtle barely-there.' 17 claim that you can 'apply as many coats as you like without your lashes becoming clumpy.'
This mascara didn't impress me as much as Wild Curls did. For starters, the brush is huge, way too big for my tastes. I found it quite hard to apply without getting mascara under my bottom lashes. The bristles are also quite dense which I found didn't apply enough in one sweep and didn't get through my lashes to separate them, leaving them a bit clumpy in the roots.

With a second coat my lashes appeared slightly better from having more product in them. They had more volume and were much darker. They still had clumps in the roots although I don't think it is as bad as some mascaras can be and could be fixed by combing the lashes through. As 17 stated that lots of coats can be applied to build up the volume, I applied a third coat. This was too clumpy for my liking and there was still not enough curl. Va Va Voom just does not compare to Wild Curls in it's curling ability, my lashes were only lifted a little with Va Va Voom. On the plus side, this mascara didn't flake or smudge either. Va Va Voom is an okay mascara, it just doesn't hit all the points with me personally.
Va Va Voom is also available in Black Brown and retails for £6.29 for 8ml.

01-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review  Va Va Voom 1 coat

02-17-Cosmetics-Mascara-Review  Va Va Voom 2 coats

Out of the two mascaras, Wild Curls wins hands down for me.
Thanks for reading!
Jennifer, The Makeup Journal xx


Liz Dean said...

I like the look of the wild curls brush, though I prefer the rubber bristle brushes. It's also great to a see a "curling" mascara that doesn't have a stupid curled brush
But I prefer the look of the va voom with just one coat.
My mascara holy grail is Avon supershock original, but I wish it came in brown. Might have to give the Wild Curls a go.

Anonymous said...

Love the name 'wildest black' for the darkest colour. I am very tempted to try the wild curls, ackshually :)
emily xx

TheOtherSideofCool said...

I've used the wild curls one before and think its really good value for the money. Not my fav mascara ever but one I do always go back to as its so good for every day wear :) xx

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The Sunday Girl said...

I used to use a 17 mascara and loved it but got swayed by other brands as I so often do. This post has mad me think a little stop to 17 may be in order soon :) x
P.S I'm rather jealous of how long Jennifer's eyelashes are!

bloomzy said...

I never find that mascara makes much of a difference for my tiny lashes, but both of these look promising.

Karrisx said...

Your eyelashes are amazing Jennifer! Love the leopard print packaging on the first one x

jaljen said...

Deffo the 1st one.

BUT I'm not wearing the right glasses and I thought it said 'Wild Cats'. I wish it WERE called Wild Cats!

Gemma Meredith said...

I could be wrong, but I think one of these is half price at boots when you buy anything from 17 :)

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