Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hope on my fingers

This is proving harder than I thought to write. How on earth am I supposed to  objectively and critically review a product which I am so passionate about and  which little ol' me has helped creating? It is not without a certain degree of emotion that I would like to share with you my swatches of 'Hope', 'Love' and Strength' the  nail polishes part of the Beautyuk 'Paint for life' box set.

10-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

Moved by one of their fans' wishes, Beautyuk Cosmetics took the pledge to raise  £50,000 for Cancer Research UK and designed a range of nail polishes to help them  reach their target. While thousands of women are undertaking the annual 'race for  life' race throughout the country, BeautyUK is inviting you to support the Cancer  Research UK charity and to 'paint for life'. For each £5.99 'paint for life' trio  set sold, they are donating £1 directly to the charity.

The shades are gorgeous. Hope is a delicate pastel pink which could double up as  French manicure base if applied sheerly. I would describe Love as a shade of  carnation pink and Strength, the deeper of the set as a bright hot pink. The  formulation was very easy to work with, although they needed 3 coats instead of the  2 I am usually used to. Before playing with my paint for life set, I had a pre  conceived idea about Hope. For me, it looked too pale and it was not going to work with my skin tone. 3 coats later and I was in love!

*cue avalanche of photos*

01-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

02-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

03-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

You know what’s handy? it’s the names on the bottles Smile with tongue out

04-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

06-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

05-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

and last but not least this is strength. At this point, I would like to thank my spell check as I always always spell it wrong!

07-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

08-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

09-beauty-uk-paint-for-life-nail-polish-review-swatch-cancer-research-uk-campaign-hope-strength -love-notd

I think Beautyuk did a marvellous job with the paint for life trio. The shades are  lovely and would suit a wide range of people, from the shy and who only want a hint  of pink to the lovers of bold and bright talons.


Which is your favourite shade?
Will you be ‘painting for life’?

Further Information
Availability: The paint for life trio is available in Superdrug shops nationwide and online (£5.99)
BeautyUK Cosmetics Aid for Cancer Research UK:
Beautyuk twitter: @beautyuktweets
Paint for Life Facebook Page:
Paint for Life Twitter: @paintforlifeuk #paintforlife

The box set was purchased by myself.


jaljen said...

Very pretty and a very worthy cause.
Oddly Hope may be my favourite but I do like them all. And names on the bottles? Brilliant.

Well done!

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

'Hope' is my favourite shade from the trio, even though it's not a typically 'me' colour. I think Beauty UK did a crackin' job :)

Liza said...

Great cause. Not the biggest fan of pink but I know lots of girls will be so that's great :)

Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

Ohhh so much nicer on than I expected! Like the two palest shades best, v unlike me nit the tones are lovely
Nic x

missy_ellie_uk said...

Fab swatches, all of the colours are gorgeous!

Fleur said...

All these colours are gorgeous. I particularly like strength though I could wear hope every day. Looks like I'm going shopping. Love buying great products that give money to charity at the same time. Its the best idea. xo

Gemma Meredith said...

These actually look like lovely nail varniishes aswell as being for a great cause!

Lily said...

So glad I found this post! I was worried about the quality of the polishes but they look great! How long did they take to dry? xx

spittingglitter said...

Gorgeous - here are 3 shades that are suitable for everyone, yet at the same time they are something unique. Would make a lovely gift too. Well done Beauty uk and all their fans! x

Redspect said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!mawaddainternationalaid

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