Friday, 11 May 2012

A refreshing change

Experience tells me that whenever I have tried to branch out and use a different deodorant other my usual trusty one I've been disappointed. Dove Invisible anti-white marks deodorant is probably my most re purchased beauty product in the past 5 years, at least! I am sure other deodorants must be good at keeping fresh all day but what matters for me at the end of the day is the fragrance of the deodorant. Strong perfumes in general, whether in moisturisers (I am looking at you red pot of Garnier Ultralift) facial washes, eau de toilette and such will give me a headache. I don't even own any 'proper' perfumes, and anything else than 'teen' light fragrances and mists is too much for me.

However, having used the same deodorant for years has caused a build up of… boredom. I feel I am stuck in a rut, I am bored but I am scared of trying new products. So when I saw the new 'Go Fresh' additions to the Dove range, I thought it was time to make the plunge. Attracted by the gorgeous minimalistic elegant packaging of the Go Fresh range (and the 1/3 promotion) I took a gamble and went home with the Pomegranate and the Grapefuit deodorants.



And I am so glad I did.

Instead of trying to re invent the wheel and creating a totally new deodorant with an overpowering and potentially headache inducing fruity smell, Dove did something very clever: They used the same base as a 'normal' dove deodorant but enhanced with just the perfect amount of fruity notes. The deodorant smells fruity enough to differentiate themselves from the invisible one but not too strong to give you a headache or get bored just after a few uses.


I know it's just a deodorant at the end of the day but I can't tell how thrilled about these Go Fresh deodorants. I am so excited that I have been looking forward to that time of morning when I need to use my deodorant after the shower. Sad I know.


I can't tell you how these 2 go fresh deodorants perform when put in contact with dark colour clothing and if they leave white marks all over it. If I were on travels, force of habit will make me pack my trusty dove 'invisible formula' in my suitcase/overnight bag for peace of mind but for now, and like it has been for the past two weeks, I just cannot get enough of it.

what: Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena and Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit &Lemongrass.
how much: £1.66 instead of £2.50 (small 150 ml aerosol spray) at Boots, for a limited time only
where: any supermarket really. look out for offers

What is your most re purchased deodorant?      


Katie at said...

I might cbeck them out. I normally wear a fresher / mens deo as I hate the floral, overpowering smell of most womans ones. They give me a headache too.

Saying that, I have used Vaseline for about 18yr now!!

jaljen said...

The pomegranate packaging is pretty and I like pretty much everything by Dove. It's a good brand.

jaljen said...

Oh! BUT BUT BUT never use an anti-perspirant. Deo is OK. But not anti-perspirant. I believe they're carcinogenic.

Karrisx said...

I just use trusty old superdrugs own and I love them. Xx

louweevil said...

I like the 'stick' type ones, rolls ons never dry on me and sprays aren't very good in my experience plus sticks have basically no drying time.
I brought 'Nivea sensitive and pure' in a stick today and it has no smell, none at all I even swatched it on my hand and hand a proper sniff.

Liz Dean said...

I use these. I did go for the Green one [green tea and something], and went back to it [had at least 2 new ones in my drawer] after using the pomegranate one. I can't stand the smell of the green one now. And I'll be using them up as fast as possible and repurchasing the Pomegranate one from now on.

KatXoXo said...

ooo I don't think these are out in Canada yet...I can't wait to try!! :)

Ali said...

My most purchased anti-perspirant/deo is Mitchum for women. Usually the unscented, but sometimes the Powder Fresh for a change.


Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

I use Dove Original anti-perspirant. I love their fruit showergels. Both me and the other half use them! I also have the go fresh roll on in pomegranite (i think)

Viktoria said...

I love Dove. The deodorants are so nice and I love the shower gels, especially pomegranate and verbena, it reminds me of holidays :)

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