Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sleek Saturday. Pepperminty {eotd}

I can't believe the last makeup look I posted was September 2011. Time I put back some makeup in this makeup blog, don't you think? Don't get your hopes too hyped up, it's only something very simple today. While the blogosphere is starting to buzz about the new ultra matte palettes, I am revisiting the Sleek PPQ palette, the last palette, I believe which featured the trademark waffle pattern on the pans.    


Is it still worth quoting the official description of the palette at this late hour? Ok, go on then:

It’s the ultimate collaboration of beauty and fashion: Sleek MakeUP has teamed up with fashion house PPQ to produce the makeup looks for PPQ’s London fashion week show. The Me, Myself & Eye I-Divine is the result of a mutual admiration of colour, texture and vibrancy! Taking inspiration from PPQ’s S/S 2012 theme, the palette is a heavy mix of pattern and colour to toughen up feminine summer silhouettes making it the ultimate accessory for every self-confessed fashionista and beauty lover! Packed with an array of brilliant bolds, with matte and shimmer eye colours, you can create endless looks from smoky black, to glistening and gold. The finishing touch is PPQ’s renowned naughty sense of humour, with eye shadow names like Lilac Allen, Primal Green and Barry White!


A lot of creativity has gone into this palette and the play on words for the names of the shades of the palette made me smile. Pigmentation wise, I struggled to make the colours show off on my skin very well (apologies for my pathetic swatches) and I couldn't envisage playing with this palette without a generous dose of 2 faced shadow insurance and nyx jumbo pencil in a bid to make the colour as vibrant as possible. I am trying hard to explain why my swatch of Chris de Burghundy looks like a bullet wound and I am going to pretend it's there for artistic purposes.


Had supernova been a little bit more pigmented, I think I would have reached this palette much more often rather than only twice. If you're a fan of mint colour, Salt and Peppermint would tick all your boxes and is the brightest colour of the set. Expect a true red from 'simply red' and you'll be sorely disappointed. Simply Red is nothing like red. Instead it will give a vibrant golden peach shade: superb colour to own, albeit a bit redundant if you own the 'avoir la peche' palette

For my look today, I've chosen 3 colours from this palette (golden shivers, salt and peppermint, supernova) vanilla from mac to blend it towards the eyebrow and a generous dollop of white eyeliner on the waterline.



There is no way on this earth that the Sleek palette is going to rival my bohemian, oh so special, acid and circus palettes, all including much better matte finish eyeshadows, but I still think PPQ is very special and is a nice item to collect.



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what: sleek makeup PPQ palette
how much: £6.49
where: Sleek Makeup online


Claire@Eyelining said...

Love this look! I adore the gold/ blue combo. In fact I might do something similar on myself today! Out of curiosity are you planning on picking up the new matte palettes when they come out? I'm looking forward to them but I wonder why they are stopping using the 'waffle' pattern on them.

As always I am jealous of you mad false lash skillz x

Gemma Meredith said...

This is really pretty, I love the sleek palette I have, they're so worth the money, I think I'll buy a few more with my birthday money!

glitterbaby40 said...

Wow those colours look stunning, I wish I had the confidence to wear that. The palette looks lovely x

Strawberry Blonde said...

wow that last close up is stunning - gorgeous colours!

Fum said...

Pretty look :-) said...

Beautiful colours! You have the most amazing eyebrows, I'm suffering from eyebrow envy!

Sirvinya said...

Love this look on you! The gold/mint combo is quite unusual but looks lovely :) I may steal it.

Lauren//Fashionlooksnorth said...

I'm in love with BB cream, it's so good for everyday wear x

Erin said...

I haven't tried any of SLEEK's products yet, but I want to! I love the gold in the center of the lid, gorgeous xx

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