Monday, 28 May 2012

A superfruit pampering treat

I can't remember the last time I bought a facial scrub. It's been definitely 2 years or more. This means I don't exfoliate my face, it's just that I've been using micro dermabrasion products to use at home instead to get rid of the dead cells and help my skin renew itself a little bit. So I am surprised as you when I bought an exfoliating face mask on a recent mini shopping spree to Superdrug. So I went home with an exfoliating superfruits face mask pack.

superdrug exfoliating superfruit face mask review

Why did I buy this while I wouldn't usually buy face exfoliating products? 3 reasons really: They had a special offer (75p instead of the usual already bargainous 89p), I fell for the marketing trap of 'superfruit', and the packaging really appealed to me. It's the packaging incidentally which is stopping me from trying Montagne Jeunesse face masks. I can't get past the flowers and the leaves and all the ingredients covering the eyes of a woman. The Superdrug face masks packaging however is really grabbing me. Some might argue that the woman on the face mask looks like her head is floating in a sea of fruit but I don't mind that.

superdrug exfoliating superfruit face mask review

The mask itself was a lovely experience. Having these 'giant' exfoliating bits {they used the strawberry seeds in this one} again on my face, after 2 years of absence felt really strange. It felt a little bit abrasive at first, but nothing more abrasive than your typical 'mechanical' apricot scrub. The smell and the colour was absolutely divine and it reminded me of the 'exotic fruits of the forest' yogurts I used to love as a kid. (Yes, raspberries, blueberries, and blueberries would be 'exotic' for a person living on a tropical island)  My skin felt smooth as a baby's bum upon rinsing the product off and I felt the effect lasted a full week, which is more than the 5 days my usual home micro dermabrasion routine lasts me.

Am I going to stop using micro dermabrasion as a result? Even if the effects of my microderbrasion are not as long lasting as this superfruit masks, I still prefer the texture of finer micro exfoliating particles of a micro dermabrasion product. However when I am bored of the EXTREMELY bland look and smell of my usual dermabrasion, I'll be very happy to swap and give myself a little pampering session with this superfruit mask, at home or on my travel as the size of the packet is perfect for that. The packet is very good value but on the constructive criticism side, I think Superdrug could improve on that even further as I am sure you could use the product twice. I'd love it Superdrug designed their face masks like Garnier, split the sachet in two, and have 2 doses instead, like on here for example.

Will I repurchase it? Without hesitation, yes and so should you :) x

what: Superdrug Exfoliating Superfruit Mask
how much: £0.89p (look out for offers where they sell 4 for £3 and get it for 75p)
where: good old Superdrug that I love to pieces.
disclaimer: I bought this myself. See other bits I bought on the same day here.


Gemma Meredith said...

I would love it if these masks would come in a little pots you could get like six uses out of, like the Lush ones :)

Sarirah said...

I bought the pomegranate and cranberry and cucumber ones the other day. May have to go back for this one! :)

Lily said...

This looks so yummy! x

Lydia said...

This sounds lovely, I've not tried these but think I will next time I need a mask xx

LauraEve said...

I've been using Superdrugs raspberry exfoliating mud mask in the tube. Don't use it often though, the bits in it are like gravel, always feel it's going to scratch my skin!

xmisslorix said...

that looks good, I love wee packet face masks they are always a little treat x

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