Monday, 4 June 2012

Saturday is for … shopping

I still feel a bit shy at this business of sharing shopping sprees (small or big) with you but since you responded quite well to my first two ones, I thought you might be wanting to read about this one as well. Funny enough and contrarily to what this blog might show, I don't really like shopping. I like buying nail polishes, makeup and beauty products but I can't stand going for clothes, shoes and outfit accessories. So I postpone it, and postpone it for as long as I can, until the shoes/clothes are totally worn out (or the seams have cracked) before I go shopping for more. I didn't used to be like that. I guess before I went shopping because I am bored but I have seldom found myself bored since blogging.


Anyway, I was in dire need to find some shoes to travel in, comfortable enough for a soon coming week end away, ready to wear, without the need to 'break them in'. I found these from New Look (£24.99 if my memory is correct). They are not your peak of fashion by any means, they look a bit mumsy to be honest but the leather makes them ultra comfortable despite their high-ish wedge. I am not in love with them, but I am desperate for some shoes and these will have to do. I find them a bit chunky and it was this photo of Eva Mendez which persuaded to keep them. Hers are much nicer but it's a bit similar, no? No? ok Smile with tongue out



Off to TK Maxx to find a basic handbag and I found this 'Sparrow True' one (I have already renamed it 'jack sparrow bag') at half price. I love the beigy/brown colour, the soft material, the size and even the price: £24.99. I rarely spend more than £20 in a handbag, but I am pretty desperate and I am travelling on Friday. I used to have a bag like before, purchased from good old Internacionale, but then I spilt some out of date fruits of the forest Cambridge Diet shake in there and it had to go bag heaven.



Next, still at TK Maxx, I was happy to find these shampoos from Organix. Organix is a brand I've been wanting to try for ages but its price tag (£6.99) has always put me off. Last Saturday they were at £3.99 so they had to come with me. The purple one (acai berry and avocado) is sulfate free and the beige one (vanilla) has got a traditional formula. I will report back if I like them. Had they had the coconut one on offer, I would have probably bought the whole lot.


Last but not least, I wanted to buy a sleek eau la la liner in shade cocoa for my brows but they had run out of them. I wanted to buy the tester but it was all broken inside. So I came home with a lovely Rimmel black/brown pencil. The shade is great: black is too dark, brown is too light. It's genius. Shame it's not waterproof. Again, this will have to do for now and I have a disaster to try to cover up.


I have kept what excites me the most for the end. The minute I saw this limited edition Marks and Spencer lilac nail polish on Emma's blog (Imagination in Colour) I have been longing to buy it and finally it's mine. Swatches and review will follow (edit: swatched here) but now a quick picture of the bottle of this little £3.50 golden lilac wonder.

I hope this hasn't been too boring. I am a bit stressed out with this trip so blog posts might be a bit thin on the ground this week.

Have a lovely week. Red lips xx


Sirvinya said...

I really do hate clothes shopping as well! I'm more of a "run into Asda & buy a handful at once" type of clothes shopper! Make up, on the other hand, I can shop for all day. Ask Sparklecrack about that :)

Ms Bubu said...

I love shopping at TK Maxx! They always have nice stuff and I always end up buying! I will have to check the M&S polishes when I'm back in the UK, hopefully they will still be in stock!

Louise said...

can we swap babe I like shopping too much lol love the shoes and the bag and the M&S nail polish xxx

LauraEve said...

That bag is gorgeous!Got a craving to stroke it, looks so soft. Would go with so many outfits-not that I deviate from my usual bland uniform of jeans and T's but still!

CharlieDBeauty said...

Love the bag, I've seen it allot on various blogs but I still haven't allowed myself to buy it! That M&S nail polish looks good aswell x :-)

Sue said...

nice finds!

Emma said...

Wow wow wow I ADORE that bag!! So so gorgeous, it's perfect! Thank you so much for the mention my lovely, I'm so glad you managed to find it in the end :)))) xxx

Biba said...

Oh, nice finds!

Jayne's Kitschen said...

That Marks & Spencers polish sure looks lush! I didn't even know they did nail polish. Have you tried it out yet? Would love to know how it performs.

Gemma Meredith said...

I love all the rimmel pencils, They're so cheap and super good quality :)

marox79 said...

I've heard people raving about those Organix shampoos. Never tried Açai, but it probably smells to die for!

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