Tuesday, 5 June 2012

‘Tabasco’ Nails

Hello, my name is Liloo and I am addicted to Tabasco Sauce. It's not my fault, it's the way I've been brought up, we are raised to like spicy food and there is always some king of spicy sauce to accompany a dish. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't eat a vindaloo or something like that but I enjoy spicy food. Tabasco sauce is the just perfect way to add a spice to anything and I even carry a bottle in my handbag, and use it at work to accompany a bland diet soup, to spice up a big mac and all sorts. When I am invited to eat at someone's place (I don't remember the last time this happened though) the bottle stays in my bag as I think it would be a bit rude for the host, like the host didn't prepare a food which is tasty enough. In my country, it wouldn't be rude to pile up the spicy sauce on the side of your plate, but at the same time, the host would be offended if you ask for salt.


Anyway, back to Tabasco: I absolutely love it and when I saw this 'spicy' red nail polish from Beautyuk, it instantly reminded of Tabasco Sauce and I just had to have it. There is one problem straight away with this polish: I don't know what it's called and I don't know if it comes in a separate bottle. I could have sworn it was released in their recent collection but I can't find it anywhere. I found 'Tabasco red' in the 'west end girl' £4.99 miniature set and it's without a doubt my favourite nail polish of the set. Trust me to like the polish which isn't sold separately and doesn't exist in a full size version.




Tabasco was lovely to apply and took 3 coats to reach the opacity you see on my pictures. This is one more coat that I would normally like to apply but the colour is just so divine, I am happy to forgive that. 'Tabasco Red' screams summer for me. If your outfit allows for it, it would accessorize your hands perfectly at a barbecue, when you are about to tuck in that big fat juicy burger on a limited edition sunny day. The set is definitely worth getting for this colour alone.


What: 'Tabasco Red' in Beautyuk Nail Polish Gift Set (no.4)
Where: Superdrug shops nationwide and beautyuk online store.
How much: £4.99 for 6 mini polishes
Disclaimer: Purchased with my own pennies


xmisslorix said...

That is a really "Tabasco" colour, I love tabasco too I always have a bottle of the Habanero stuff in my bag but sadly I am not as polite as you and I whip it out anywhere no matter who's house I am at haha.
I love spicy everything the hotter the better, I think I have tastebuds of steel.

Lovely colour nails I like that urban jungle colour too xx

Jayne's Kitschen said...

You have the nicest nails and cuticles Liloo! This is such a great colour. I've not tried any Beauty UK, but looks like I should, the quality looks pretty good.

Powdered Almond said...

Ha I love that you carry Tabasco with you! I carry sweeteners and usually some green tea bags! I probably look so rude, if anyone asks if I want a cup of tea I produce my own - "Stick that in some water, will you?" hahaha! Lovely pictures Liloo and I actually love this polish, it's just got that hint of spice to stop it being pure red. It's lovely. And thank you so much for your comment on my blog, you really are the sweetest button! :-) xxx

CharlieDBeauty said...

My Mum used to use tobasco sauce as a punishment when I was a little girl! I don't like spicy food, but I really like this nail polish x :-)

Emma said...

This is soooooo gorgeous! I must admit my tastebuds aren't well accustomed to spicy foods but I do looove the colour of Tabasco! :D I love your little story about carrying at round, so cute :D will have to keep an eye out for this set. And at 8ml each it's such a bargain!! xxx

Tass said...

We get through a lot of Tabasco in our household! I'm a relatively new follower and I had no idea you were from Reunion. I've never come across anyone from there apart from my uncle :)

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