Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Clic, Cloc and win :)

Do you what I also enjoy besides blogging? I enjoy graphic design, and fonts. Long before my love for make up, I have had a passion for fonts, and playing around with my paint shop pro, creating things just for fun. Long before Facebook, I had my own website and enjoyed spending time on it. So when I was invited to take part in a graphic design challenge, I thought it was too fun to refuse and I just had to take part.

I was approached to see if I wanted to create a design for a clicloc watch, those fun watches which have a very quirky to attach themselves to your wrist, with a clic cloc sound. Caroline from sparklyvodka has reviewed it on her blog. The box it arrives in is too cute for words.   




A few other bloggers also took part. Our designs have been showcased on a Facebook page, and opened for votes. The person whose design gets the most votes, gets the chance to work with the clicloc and share ideas on a real design, if I read it right, that is. How fab is that!

What's in it for you?
10 voters are chosen at random and will win the clicloc watch of their choice. No question to answer, just cast your vote for the design you like the best and you will be entered in the draw to win a clicloc watch. I hope you like mine Fingers crossed

Click here if you want to take part :)


jaljen said...

I voted for yours because I like it best!

Charlie said...

Ditto, yours is the best so it was an easy vote! x

liloo said...

thank you girlies :)))))))))))) mwah x

Just me, Leah said...

OMG I love fonts too! I spot ones everywhere I go. Like on honeymoon, the menu in the pub - Lobster 1.4. Bloody indie music events posters everydamnwhere, Bleeding Cowboys etc etc.

I will go vote on your watch nao! xoxo

Perfectly Polished said...

Love your design have just voted good luck XXX

Perfectly Polished

MissGreenEyes said...

I voted for yours too because it genuinely IS the best, I've admired your graphic work for ages now and I think it's something you're very, very talented at, it's easy to tell you enjoy it :) Best of luck! x

xmisslorix said...

Haha yours is obviously the best, I love it so much I want it :) xxx

Liz Dean said...

I love that little zebra. I want adopt it!


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