Monday, 9 July 2012

Oh no they didn't!

Oh yes, they did and I am mourning.


In their wisdom, Boots went all out and redesigned their Botanics skincare range. If you have been to Boots recently, you will have seen colourful additions to the Botanics skincare range, and 5 lines emerging from these colours:

1. The Youth Skincare Range for young skin,
2. The All Bright Skincare Range for brighter looking skin,
3. The Ultra Calm Skincare Range to sooth sensitive skin,
4. The Shine Away Skincare Range to target blemishes and reduce shine,
5. and the Organic Skincare range for customers 'who desire an extra level of proven purity'



It's all well and good but in the process, Boots discontinued my ultimate two favourite cleansers and I can't find the words to describe how upset I am. I've waxed lyrical about both of these (here and here) in 2 separate individual posts, so I'll to keep it straight to the point: these cleansers did everything I asked to and more:
1) the feeling of moisture when I rinse my face off was amazing,
2) the scent of these were just spot on and I could quite frankly never get bored of,
3) the bargain price (ranging from £3.99 to £5.10) made me very happy.
4) I absolutely adored the packaging. Totally up my street. love, love, undiluted love.
I was rarely buying them full price as boots Botanics were very often on offer and I was able to get ample supplies at a discount price. If I had known they had plans to discontinue it, I would have definitely stocked up.


There was hope for the organic one, but Boots added some shitty bonus rosehip extract in there, which now makes the product stink of flower. Rosewater and rosehip are really good for you yaddi yadda Zzzzz, people rave about them but I don’t want it in my cleanser, I get bored of it so quickly.  I have purchased the brightening one (with hibiscus ) which smells really nice and surprisingly not too flowery but it made my face a little bit itchy and tight. Fortunately I was able to return it on that basis.

If you have been a fan of Botanics skincare range, I would urge you to go to Boots immediately and check if your favourites are still there. I was able to get a last bottle of the 'rice and honey' cleanser, which I now want to keep for special occasions (how sad is that) as it has suddenly increased in value so much in my eyes.

I doubt I will ever find a cleanser which ticked so many boxes for a fiver.
The search has started. *blows snotty nose in a tissue* Sad smile


Bettina@BeautySwot said...

Oh liloo - It is so annoying when brands discontinue and change products that we love. I have to say I had not tried these products x

May Belater said...

I loved the old range, and it was the only range that was simle and pretty enough to go on display in my own bathroom. Boo to you Boots.

Kavey said...

Bummer, that's the deep clean one I used most often too.

missy_ellie_uk said...

Argh, when did they do this? Wonder if the brightening toner made the cut, I love that stuff!

Hannah said...

Hmm I might try the new ones, I quite like the look of them. I used the deep cleanser years ago, tbh I think it might all be in need of an update. And I love rosewater, haha!

Kat said...

If you know someone in Dubai, the Boots stores there are filled with old/discontinued stock. Not much help but just in case you know someone passing through!

Sheila Harris said...

You can add organics cleansing balm to the list. All time favourite cleanser. Am gutted! Why do they do this? 5 star rated on the website. They don't listen to their customers obviously. Xx

Sian said...

Aww you poor thing. I hope you'll find a lovely new product to love very soon! xx

Anonymous said...

Boots isn't very good at letting people know when they are getting rid of something. They discontinued the Chestnut hair deep conditioner not long after I reviewed and I'm still get comments about it a year later from people who are looking for it! Naughty Boots :(

Liz Dean said...

While I think the original botanics packaging could of done with a slight pep up, the new packaging just doesn't do it for me.
Before it looked professional, expensive and fancy, not it looks just...well not something I'd be tempted to have out in my bathroom, if you get what I mean.

Also, why is it necessary to put "82% organic"? Surely people will see it's 18% less organic than 100%, or is that just me? :\


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