Sunday, 15 July 2012

Dupe of Chanel Frenzy Nail Polish?

I hope you will forgive me for this rather provocative title. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I am a big fan of budget makeup. I will admit that many times, I end up being disappointed by the quality of inexpensive makeup, but there is nothing like the thrill of an inexpensive find which you fall in love with. I am a firm believer that when it comes to nail polish, once it has dried on your nails, no one but you can really tell whether the polish you're wearing is budget or very high end. People will notice your application skills, the colour and the finish of the polish, if you have some chocolate brownie stuck under your index finger but they rarely can't tell how much I've spent on the nail polish I'm wearing.

Now this is precisely why I love MUA nail polishes. Today, I have a little beauty to share with you. It's shade 19 and it's a gorgeous. Like other MUA polishes, the polish really feels budget. It's almost like the travelodge of nail polishes: there are no frills there, the brush is very basic and the formula applies a little bumpy at first. But once dried it's just beautiful.



Nude polishes are notoriously hard to find. It might look ok in the bottle but you won't know until you've applied it on your nails, set against your skin if it’s the right shade for you. The wrong colour will make you feel like you have corpse hands (nails inc caramel anyone?), the right shade will make you feel elegant, polished and give the illusion that your nails are longer. Shade 19, you are a beauty and I Red heart you.



You can see what Chanel Frenzy looks like on here.
what? MUA Cosmetics nail polish in shade 19
how much? £1
Where: Mua Cosmetics online and Superdrug stores nationwide


Anonymous said...

I have this polish and love it. It's the perfect interesting-nude. I bought it for job interviews but have found myself wearing it just because I like it :)

The formula is quite good but suffers from a diabolical brush I think... If they put better brushes in I don't think you'd get bumps. Quite easy to overcome though as you can put quite thick coats on and it still dries quickly :)

Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

Oh I love it :) I need it in my life!

Always love your posts luvvie,

Fee x

Perdita said...

I love MUA... no one can see the budget bottle once you're wearing it! :)

Ali said...

Ooh nice find! I could wade through the MUA polishes forever and still not find an inspiring colour, knowing they're £1 I always feel they'll be disappointing, but this looks great! I'll be hunting for it next time, thanks! xx

Emma said...

Wow this is sooo pretty :D sadly my Superdrug only stocks about one third of the range of MUA... so fingers crossed they will have this in! xx

Midnight Violets said...

Loving the look of this! And definitely the price as well! I picked up 'Nude' from ELF recently, but this one looks to be more what I was wanting!

Claire@Eyelining said...

I'm starting to get into nude polishes at the moment and this one looks really nice! I honestly couldn't ever justify the price of Chanel Polish, especially when there are so many dupes about!

Sparkling Sparkle said...


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