Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A night with Dave

Are you often proven wrong by your first instincts? We're all attracted by packaging but does the  name of a product put you off purchasing it? Admit it, the name 'Dave' is not very glamourous, is it?  At some point in my life, there was this man called Dave I couldn't quite accept his name and  changed it to David. He didn't mind. Why would you need to call a tan 'Famous Dave'. Do you hear  lots of people talking about Famous Dave? In my small experience and pretty sheltered life really, no one  talks about Famous Dave but then as soon as you mention the name someone says 'Oh yeah, I know the  brand, they're really good'. Why don't people talk about it if it's good?

I will always remember the day I was approached by Famous Dave. They knew I loved my fake tan,  they approached me in a very friendly manner which at the same time oozed confidence and pride in  what they do. I was very excited. Both my friends Cat and Ellie were had been raving about it but  deep down I was thinking that there is no way that Famous Dave could be better than my Xen Tan. Xen  tan changed my tanning life, you see, I am emotionally attached to it. But I wanted to give Famous Dave, the gold edition a fair chance to impress me.


This is what they say about the product:

"Famous Dave's New Luxurious Gold Edition Tanning Mousse is a new and more refined version of our  original Tanning Mousse formula that quickly became our best-selling product and scored 5-star  ratings from the beauty industry. Developed as an all-natural luxury self tanning product that is  paraben-free and has no added fragrance, we use a carefully selected blend of anti-ageing  ingredients, natural antioxidants, moisturisers and EHA (a natural agent that tans a deeper layer  of the skin for a more realistic and longer-lasting tan that fades evenly) to deliver a self  tanning mousse works with all skin tones. The result? A flawless, natural looking tan that now  lasts even longer and cares even more for your skin"

I am so glad I went beyond my very quick judgemental first impressions (The font of the logo is a little bit too cartoonish and nothing good can come out with a relationship with a Dave) as I  would have definitely missed out on a great product. They were really not mincing out their words  when they described this gold edition product as a luxurious self tanning experience. Luxurious is  definitely the operative word here. The mousse was very light and an absolute dream to apply and I  couldn't even notice the scent. They did such an amazing job at locking out the smell of fake tan,  I am absolutely blown away.

Whenever I have tried self tan mousse before, I've always tended to be a little bit of a daredevil  and go for the dark version. The Famous Dave Gold Edition perplexed me as it only exists in one  colour and claims to adapt and work with all skin tones. I realised I worried for nothing and the following  morning (I usually apply my colour overnight you see) I woke  up to a perfect deep tan. No streaks  in sight, and I got even darker than with my Xen-Tan Luxe in dark. I am so overwhelmed, this stuff  is amazing! As far as durability, I found that it lived very well on my skin and faded out superbly.


So, will you ask, which one is better? Xen Tan or Famous Dave? Famous Dave lasts 5 days on me, Xen Tan around 7 days, but in return Famous Dave gives me a deeper tan. I find it hard to choose. I am all about emotions and feelings: Xen tan was the first one who rocked my boat (yes, Dave, turned out that you were not the first one after all) and I will never be able to forget the experience. Price wise, they are very similar but famous Dave wins the battle of accessibility. I love the fact that I can save up my boots advantage cards to get some Famous Dave, something which is not possible with Xen tan. You know how Boots discount all their left over Christmas gift sets on boxing day? Well, I am trying not to think about the possibility to have a Famous Dave Christmas Set discounted to half price because I will get too excited for words.

Price wise, they are roughly very similar and both Xen Tan and Famous Dave retail at £28.99 for a  big tube/bottle. Famous Dave however, for me, wins the accessibility card hand down. I love the  fact that I can go to my small local Boots and get some when I run out, something which I will  never get with Xen Tan. I love the fact that I can save up my boots advantage card for it.

Famous  Dave: your name might not the most exotic tropical sounding name out there (not as japanese feng  shui as Xen tan, not as Italian sounding as vita liberata, not as French Côte d’Azur as St  Tropez) but you have completely won me over.

what: Famous Dave Tanning Mousse Gold Edition, 200ml
how much: £24.50 (from online store, free delivery, kerching) or £28.99 at Boots
Disclosure: Product was offered for review purposes. Views expressed are my own.


thecandiedmango said...

I can't help but think of the barbecue restaurant when I see 'Famous Dave's'. BBQ sauce turned tanning lotion. Mmmm.

Kim said...

This sounds every bit as amazing as Karleigh said! I had no idea you could get it in Boots - I may have to brave it and try it! xx

MissGreenEyes said...

I've never heard of it, very strange name and packaging for a tan - It looks like a male shaving foam! Thanks for the review Liloo, packaging does tend to put me off so it's nice to discover new information about things I haven't heard of x

Laura Lou Beauty said...

Oooo I'm intrigued by this unusual name and packaging. It's definitely caught my eye xx

Pampered Prince said...

I haven't tried the mousse but I recalled liked the moisture tan dark with the bronzer in the same range. Gives a nice colour and lasts quite a long time too :)

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