Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hot Pants, Mink and Glamrock

Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have had photos of these beauties in my possession for an embarrassing long time and I've  only come round writing about them today. But maybe it's a blessing after all. You’ll understand why at the end of this post ;)

If there is one polish which has totally captivated me  this year, it's Look Beauty 'Kimono' the fabulous and bargainous £5 dupe of Chanel Peridot. I couldn't wait to try other polishes from the brand and today I have 3 other shades to show you. Ladies, allow me to share with you my impressions on Mink, Hotpants and Glamrock.



First this is Mink, a gorgeous creme finish polish which shade reminded me straight of 'London' Nails Inc, one of my ultimate  favourite polishes. Like the purply greige taupe colour was not gorgeous and elegant enough, the polish applied with such ease and gave me a flawless opacity in 2 coats only.





Next this is Hot Pants, which is so gorgeous it could give Kylie's iconic shorts a run for their money. Some of you will know that I am  absolutely crazy about gold polishes. I am also quite fussy about them. The shade needs to be spot on, not too yellow, not too brassy, a bit coppery and this one is just how I like it: with flecks of green and red for extra depth and dimension.



Unlike one of the Barry M gold  polishes which I made the mistake of buying on a blog sale, Hot Pants is super easy to apply and in 2 coats I was ready to go to show  my gold fingers to the world. You can see some very minimal amount of brushstroke action on some fingers but this is hardly  noticeable. On my thumb, and perhaps because of the lighting, the polish appears almost like a foil, or like a sheet of gold  glistening in the sun light. I am convinced that there is a a shade of gold to suit everyone. I wish I knew more about colour theory  to guide you but one thing I know is that Hot Pants is just the perfect shade against my skintone, and it nearly makes my skin look a bit  tanned?



Last but not least, this is Glamrock, a gorgeous 'vampy' dark purple, with the most delightful glittery specks of bright red. Again  super easy to apply and just 2 coats got the job done. The finish of this polish is not as shiny as the others so this would suit  those of you who prefer their glittery/shimmery polishes on a matte side. Do not worry about the concentration of glitter/shimmer of  Glamrock as it didn't affect its removal. Glamrock was as easy to remove as Mink and Hotpants.





In short, 3 gorgeous shades of nail polishes which are so different from one another that it's difficult to choose a favourite. Each  polish retails at just £5 but Look Beauty is treating us to a special offer at the moment, in celebration of the bank holiday week  end: Everything is at 1/3 off and postage and packing is free.


The last time I counted, Look Beauty has 31 polishes (I made a montage of them all for you HERE, minus the Limited Edition  'Britannia' which Milly from Pearls and Poodles has reviewed here) I think the time has come for me to finally get my hands on sequin ,  one of the 'rainbow flakies' top coats from Look Beauty.



what: Nail Polishes from Look Beauty, in shades of Mink, HotPants and GlamRock
how much: £5 RRP (1/3 off until the end of August 2012 Bank Holiday week end - Tuesday 28, 10am, basically)
where: Look Beauty online.
disclosure: nail polishes were sent for review purposes, like 15 years ago. Oopsie xx



xmisslorix said...

I love your hot pants haha, that colour is amazing xx

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Mink and Glamrock are really pretty, not overly keen on hotpants though, I don't like the burnt orange/brownness of it.

Emma said...

Yes!! You should get Sequin - I have it and it's amazing! I also have Pearl Effect which is the same as Sequin but blue (flakie :)) Your swatches are gorgeous, and that gold is HOT xx

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

Love them. Espec glamrock xx

Just me, Leah said...

Ooh, Glam Rock is right up my alley! xoxo

Valens said...

They're so nice, but Hot pants oh my... it's so damn cool!!! :D

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