Friday, 24 August 2012

A little tin of wonder

I've lost count on how many times I've complained about my dry skin. I have started to look after it more, changed my skin care routine, I've started to use a toner for example and I've found it has helped a lot but while I get there I find that I still need some help. My problem also is that I have a few foundations to finish up, foundations like Mac Studio Fix which are not very kind to dry skins and tend to cling on to dry patches like there's no tomorrow.

I was challenged to try a little tin of Figs and Rouge balm but right away I had some concerns. How could a lip balm help me with the dry areas of my face? As I soon found out, Figs & Rouge balms are not lip balms, they are multi purpose balms designed to bring an intensive moisture boost for any part of your body, whether it'd be lips, face, or anywhere else on your body.


This is what they say about it:
Our idea was to create a balm that would be completely free from any Harmful chemicals & synthetic ingredients: Figs & Rouge use only 100% Organic Vitamin Packed Skin enriching ingredients including- Organic Bees Wax, Pure Shea Butter & Natural Essential oils.

All this is well and good I thought, but am I not going to get spots using this on my face?
I was told I could use this on top of my makeup on any dry patches I had and that it wouldn't disturb my makeup. So I tested it on top of my most drying foundation (a mousse one that I have from Boots) and dabbed a small amount over the driest parts of my face: the bit of skin in between my brows, highest point on my cheeks, around the nose, especially the bottom of the nose and the nostrils. And it did exactly what it said on the tin: moisture exactly where I needed, and it didn't disturb my makeup. It didn't leave me like an oil slick either and didn't cause my skin to break out in spots.

There is a reason for that, I believe: Most typical balms contain petroleum. Petroleum would sit on top of the skin forming a non-breathable barrier which can promote acne & clogs pores. Figs and Rouge don't use petroleum, but just a combination of Bees wax, shea butters & essential oils


You'd think that you would get a very greasy product from this combination but the figs and rouge balm is surprisingly not greasy, it absorbs very quickly, it's just brilliant. The greatest thing about it, in my mind is its versatility: lip conditioner obviously, but this would also work on your nails, cuticles, cracked heels, all this packed into a very handy size art deco style tin.

You might be cringing at the idea of putting this product at the same time on your face and on your feet. It's understandable and I did too. So I have two tins. I have a pomegranate tin for everywhere but not my face, and a coconut one for my face only.


The website is packed to the brim of tips and uses for the balm but for me, the best area to put this on (after my dry patches on my face) is my elbows. Even though I exfoliate and moisturise my elbows before fake tanning, I seem to have accumulated some build up on my elbows. My elbows have improved a lot since I've been using it when I remember, although my left elbow still needs more time. How can I put it nicely? There's a little scab patch (sexy or what?) on my left elbow which I need to get off with some heavy duty exfoliating stuff. I don't want to be in that situation again though and you bet I am going to pop some of that balm on elbows and knees before I fake tan next time! I am hoping the micro dermabrasion lady won't mind using the machine on my elbows, I am going to ask anyway.


Anyway enough about my left elbow. This little tin is brilliant. I think I need the cherry one. Look at the rustique retro circus look of the tin. It's too pretty for words. I hope this one smells nice too.


What: Figs & Rouge Organic balms
How much: £4.99
Where: Cute Cosmetics online (free delivery)
disclosure: I received a pomegranate tin for review purposes and I purchased the coconut one with my own money.


Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

I've been meaning to try these for a while now... they look so pretty & I love multi purpose balms. Am currently using lipbalm under my nose as it's chapped after a cold (sheexxy!) ;)

Nic x

xmisslorix said...

That looks really good I really want to smell that coconut one, I might have to get one now, I love little balms in tins x

Jude said...

I have a couple of these too, Like you I have one for face and one for body. I use them on my elbows, cuticles on hands and feet, dry patches on ankles, as a brow wax, on my upper lip after waxing, ends of my hair to get rid of frizz. Love them :) Jude x @jadlgw

Elaine and Rachel said...

I love this lip balm, it's the best one I have tried ever. I really like the cute tins but struggle to open them sometimes without help!

missy_ellie_uk said...

Ooh these sound fab, I love coconut balms and the fact this is petroleum free is attractive. And the tins are very cute.

Mimi said...

i looove my rosebud strawberry salve (it comes in a tin like this too)! but these definitely look great, i want to give them a try! :D

<3, Mimi
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Liza M said...

Ooh, didn't know they could be used over makeup! I got a mini one from glossybox, must try it :)

Kemcaflipflops said...

oooh i know a couple of moaning minnies who are going to get this for Christmas from me!Seriously who wants to hear about scabby dry patches when you're out for lunch?

Kirsten x
ps. I luurve the smell of coconut, so might have to get one just to rub under my nose so it's the only thing I smell :-)

Kemcaflipflops said...

OH OH OH...just received an email from - Figs & Rouge balm is in their sale for £2.62!

mizzworthy said...

I love these balms - I got a mini one in a glossy box and use it on my cuticles all the time, but I love the sound of the other scents...

Jo said...

I have had a couple of these - my sweet geranium went off though and I had to return it! Kind of put me off!

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

I've got a rose one sitting about somewhere. I've not even used it though! I got an influx of Rose scented stuff and got fed up, said stuff it shoved it all away.
"Enough about my left elbow" that made me giggle even though you really were talking about your elbow. Oh liloo, your blog never fails to make me smile! :)

Lizzums x

Saby Saby said...

Your dry skin might be a simptom for dermatitis, it never hurts to see a dermatologist. I have dry skin too, the best creams are from Mario Badescu and Creme de la mer

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