Friday, 10 August 2012

Just for fun… Jo’s Dream Organic Coffee

I've been tossing and turning to decide whether I should share this with you but it has entertained me so much, I thought why the heck not. I would love to talk to you a little game which has been occupying me frantically for the past few days. I am as surprised as you as I am  really not into console or computer games. Years ago, I remember the game sonic where I just managed to scrape through Green Hill (level 1) but it was still too challenging and stressful for me. I would get stressed if Sonic falls down and die. Then very easy marble poppers type of games such as bejewelled, big money and the very addictive Zuma came along for pc users and I played that for a bit (well for a very long bit of my evenings I am ashamed to say).

As I was trying to purchase Zuma a few days ago, I came across a time management game called 'Jo's Dream Organic Coffee' and I was immediately hooked.


This is what they have to say about it:
Help make Jo’s dreams come true in Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee! Join her in a challenging journey to build a coffee shop. Learn to make different brews, take orders and manage staff. Make customers happy by serving them fast with the correct order. Improve their mood by inviting musicians and attracting celebrities to your shop in this fabulous Time Management game!

It's the story of Jo who decides, one day, after having travelled around the world to build and run a coffee shop. The game is about serving customers coffees and various hot drinks, trying to remember what the heck they've ordered and serving them. It is a time management game but you can choose the 'relaxed' mode or the 'timed mode'. (I can't cope at all with the timed mode. at all!!)
As you move through levels, there are more and more customers to serve, their orders become more and more complex but you can hire baristas to help you throughout the day.


It all starts nice and easy and it progressively invites you to buy more ingredients for your drinks and you end up with lots of recipes to remember off the top of your head: from a basic espresso with ice to a flaming espresso aroma (espresso, cream, mint garnish and cinnamon). So it's also a memory game but you can always click on the recipe book if you forget and the customers never tell you off if you have forgotten the order.


The game is perfect for people rubbish at computer games like me, it really gives my brain a little work out and it has put me through an array of emotions which I shouldn't confess really: from being happy to have delivered the right order, swearing at the barista when he gets in the way and spends the time emptying the bin when I need help serving drinks, getting stressed (but in good way) at phone orders etc...

It's hilarious, so much fun and I have been totally hooked on it. In fact, it's seeing my mood and how worked up I get when I play this game which I find funny. If you want to play, you can download the game for free and play for an hour, and then you can make the decision to purchase the unlimited version which is just around £5 as they have a special offer on during the whole month of August.


I finally managed to finish the game last night but, you know what? I want to play it all over again. If you have already played this game, I would love to know how you cope with the waiters as I really can't get my head around the tray system and to be honest, I rather do without them and just have 2 baristas helping me out. If you are new and decide to play, this would be my advice to get through: the more ingredients you buy, the more recipes you'll have to remember so take your time before upgrading and try to get used to certain drinks before buying all various syrup and garnishes as your head will explod. Mine exploded and I had to reset the game: I couldn't cope.


Other tips and tricks:
- You can clear more than one table at a time
- Only spend money in the necessary equipment
- Hiring waiters are compulsory to attain a particular level but you can always fire them afterwards if they get in your way
- Using the musicians is a great handy way to improve the mood of customers and gain a bit of time when you're struggling with your order but the music is just so distracting you will end up mucking up your order
- Even if your barista is busy with an order, you can boss him about and drag & drop him where you want: super handy when you have forgotten the ingredients for a particular drink
- The courier will never tell you off if you get the order wrong
- Try to get as many phone orders as you can but don't stress yourself out when the phone rings. You don't have to be a slave of the phone and I never got told off when I let it ring.
- Oh and that little area when you can put drinks before serving customers is more trouble than it is: drinks get cold so fast and you end up throwing them away, but again you don't get told for that *phew*
I have a special tip to get through the day better but I am not telling you :P


If you decide to give it a go, I hope this game will entertain you as much it has done for me.
Ying Yang Americano anyone? Smile

What? Jo’s Dream Organic Coffee game for PC
Where: Big Fish Games.
How much: Free (for 1 hour trial) and £ 5.39 to purchase the game for unlimited plays
Disclosure: Totally discovered this game by myself and I am not affiliated with Big Fish Games
Disclaimer: I shall not be responsible if you’re craving chocolate cake and cream afterwards


Sian said...

I'm not usually into games but this sounds like it might be quite fun! xx

Jayne's Kitschen said...

Gosh, look addictive. I used to play FarmVille and Zombie Farm but found them too addictive. I used to also really like The Sims and Theme Hospital on the computer. Now I spend all my time blogging and tweeting I don't think I have time for games, but I must say I do love these silly things.

Daisy said...

I love games like this but I try to avoid playing them because I get so hooked.. I am tempted to give this a go though!

Having Fun said...

Are there just three levels to play?

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