Saturday, 11 August 2012

Face it: it’s a brilliant offer

It all started innocently with a {self heating} smoothie and before I knew I fell in love with the whole range. I couldn’t wait till the little colourful Superdrug face masks would be on offer one day. Well the day (or the month shall we say) has finally arrived and I can stock up on my favourite masks for cheaper. 


The masks are already very inexpensive to start with: The sachets would usually retail for £1 and all the sachets have tried contain enough to last me 2 applications (making the face masks at only 50p). But at this price, it is even sweeter and there could never be a better time to discover them if you’re new to the range.

My personal favourites are the white chocolate mousse and the tropical self heating smoothie one. Click on the thumbnail below if you want to read a review of the ones I have tried so far:

001-superdrug-face-mask-review-self-heating-smoothie-mask_thumb[2] 01-superdrug-exfoliating-superfruits-mask-raspberry-blueberry-cranberry-review-face-mask-pack 01-superdrug-face-mask-white-chocolate-mousse-review_thumb[2]

And it’s not just the ‘foodie-fruity’ masks which are on offer (I have made a montage of all of them on here), the new ‘more traditional looking’ range ones are also on offer Smile



I think the offer is valid throughout August but please don't sue if I have got the deadline wrong :)
Any masks of this new 'traditional' range that you fancy?


MissGreenEyes said...

They all look lovely, I love face masks x

Jo said...

The foodie ones sound good enough to eat!
Going to pick up a few of these - love face masks x

Amanda Johansson said...

I had no idea Superdrug did their own facemask! I'll definity be picking some of these up. The white chocolate mouse and berry one look amazing! :) x

Jo said...

I've ordered some of these online now - should come tomorrow :)

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