Thursday, 23 August 2012

Naked Perfect Getaway Cleanser

Do you know what's hard? Trying to find something when your heart is not in it. Twice I had a look for a new house to live in because the landlady decided to sell her house and I struggled to find a new place to live. I think, the same can be said about a face cleanser, although at a much smaller scale obviously. I didn't want to look for a new cleanser but Boots in their wisdom discontinued my favourite cleanser and changed the formulation of another one I liked using and this left me at a loose end.

Being a high street girl with a budget of £5 or thereabouts, I was pointed out in the direction of 'Perfect Getaway' cream cleanser from Naked, retailing at the sweet price of £4.50.


I can't believe I had never tried a naked product before. This could partially be because my small boots/Superdrug doesn’t store any naked skincare products. I think years ago, they used to sell a big tub of body moisturiser my friend @drew692 and Lily (beautysbadhabit) are absolutely obsessed with but essentially, I think I had steered away from Naked products because I had this pre conception that it was going to be posh and expensive. I couldn't more wrong. If there is one thing that Naked isn't, it's posh and pretentious. Totally the opposite in fact.

They might be proud of using naturally derived ingredients without sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals or silicone but they are not posh and the brand couldn't be more accessible if you tried. The labelling and the language on the bottle reminded me straight away of Innocent Smoothies meet Aussie Shampoos, which are one my favourites brands because of their friendliness conveyed by their language and their little doodles on the bottles. It's part of their identity. While I was trying to photograph the bottle, I ended up with this extremely blurry shot and would you believe, you guys noticed straight away that it a product from the brand Naked. I am gobsmacked.


Back to the cleanser. I'm not going to hide it and I was scared I was not going to like it, simply because it was not written 'for dry skin' on it. I was scared it was not going to be suitable for my crocodile dry skin. Usually, if I use the wrong cleanser for my skin type, I am left with a very tight and dry skin if I don't moisturise straight after. Well I am happy to report that I had nothing to worry about. After cleansing at night, I left my skin bare after for a few hours and it coped admirably well. So if you have dry skin, you do not need to worry either.


Naked recommends to use the product with cotton wool, but I am a rebel and used the cleanser over damp skin and then rinsed out with water. The cream did a fab job at removing my cakey layers of foundation.

Fragrance wise, Naked didn't want to add a potentially irritant perfume in the product to suit people with sensitive skins. This doesn't mean it doesn't smell of anything. The fragrance comes from the combination of cocoa butter, aloe vera and ginseng. The scent reminded of the iconic (well, for French people anyway) savon de marseille mixed with a herbal aroma (the ginseng bit perhaps?) The result: a very fresh cleanser which I think would suit most and even men.

Considering this product is 97% natural, and that sourcing natural ingredients is generally more expensive to produce, I think naked did a great job at pricing this generous size 200ml bottle at just £4.50.

Join me to the naked side, I am glad I did :)

What: Naked Perfect Getaway Cleanser
How much: £4.50
Where: selected Boots and Superdrug nationwide and online.
Disclosure: Product was sent for review purposes


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Haha, weirdly, I was thinking of you today since I was trying to find a new cleanser haha :)Glad you found something you like!

mizzworthy said...

Yay! I'm so pleased you found a cleanser you love Liloo... I was keeping my fingers crossed you'd replace the beloved Botanics one xx

Powdered Almond said...

I am on the hunt for a cleanser, well sort of... I love the Liz Earle but can't decide whether to buy more knowing that it will be a cripplingly expensive habit for life if I don't nip it in the bud... so I'm hoping I'll find one I like as much for cheaper! Maybe I should try this. Or maybe just buy the Liz... Like you I'd have to use water, I don't feel clean unless I get water involved! Great review Liloo. x

MissGreenEyes said...

It looks really good! I think Urban Decay ruled the word 'Naked' for a while! Delighted you found something you love x

Anonymous said...

I'm on my 5th one of these (in rotation with other cleansers) and I absolutely love it! I've found that it provides a lovely deep cleanse if used in the way of a hot cloth cleanser x


Top review you have done here ! Great pics too!

I used to buy Liz Earle until the price shot up out of my price range; then I found the Naked brand in Boots.

I like Perfect Getaway cleanser as it is gentle, softening and removes mascara too. I use the Up Tone Girl Toner and The Thirst Aid moisturiser to complete the Naked experience.

I loved the Rose softening facewash Naked did a few years back, then, due to costs of rose oil, they changed the formulation (still with rose oil) and upped the size of product. I love a good facewash; especially when u are tired and can't be bothered with the cleansing routine of Cleanse and Tone - good for heavy nights out if you are sober enough to C, T and M the facewash is a blessing !

I find it is just as good as it's predecessor. I buy muslin cloths on ebay and use it in the same way as the Liz Earle one.

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