Saturday, 13 October 2012

Diamond Dust

I have just the right thing to jazz up your Saturday night. Meet Diamond Dust, one of the 2 releases from Rimmel latest 'Precious Stones' collection.


Rimmel were not kidding when they wrote 'high coverage' on the bottle: What you see is just two coats of Diamond Dust with nothing more than a transparent base coat underneath. not bad, huh?


I would still like to wear a dark blue or black base coat underneath but I just couldn't fault the handy flat brush allowing a very quick application ad the superb coverage. Lasting power is below average (1 day and I saw some tip wear) but then again, I didn't wear a top coat and I didn't have high expectations. This is, for me, very much a 'party polish' and a rather stunning one!


Expect all eyes on your nails when you wear Diamond Dust, a gritty finish if you don't apply a top coat,a typical troublesome removal process and you'll enjoy this polish as much I did. I loved it. Want to wear this polish 2 or 3 nights in a row? Apply the ‘lazy cow’ method: Just apply some polish on the tips. No one will ever know. 



If 'Ruby Crush' is anything like Diamond Dust, then I am in for a heck of a (sleigh) ride as I couldn't think of any more festive and convenient nail polish to rock at a Christmas party! Dang. Looks like I have just convinced myself to purchase the red one now Be right back


what: Rimmel Precious Stones Nail Polish in shade Diamond Dust
how much: £3.99
bought by me on a 3 for 2 mix and match deal at boots
where: Boots and Superdrug.
credit: last photo belongs was borrowed from Llymlrs blog.


Lori - Glasgow Beauty Blogger said...

Wow that is really glittery and great coverage I want that so badly now x

BeautyGeekUK said...

The coverage is fantastic! I absolutely love glitter polishes but I keep avoiding them as I don't have enough time to sit there p*ssing about trying to remove them when I need a change xx

Alexis said...

That is so gorgeous! I'm in love x

Anitacska said...

Pretty. :) I'm sure I have this from another brand already, China Glaze I think. I really want the 17 holo polish though.

Georgina Kent said...

So pretty! I bet that's a nightmare to remove tho :S
Oh and hey, I'm your newest follower :)


Fran Leanne said...

Love this! Didn't even know it existed!


Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

Very pretty and looks way better than I expected. Will have to check them out.

LauraEve said...

I want I want I want!!!


It looks pretty much identical to the sally hansen gem crush that i bought yesterday and paid six quid for! *facepalm* i also get put off using my glitters because of the removal, but i read on a blog that you can use pva glue as a basecoat & just peel it off when you're finished! I've ordered some today from amazon, 99p with free shipping, so will let you know how i get on! Great post x x x

Sian said...

That is some serious sparkle! xx

Valens said...

wow it's stunning on you!!!
I'll look forward to know how Ruby Crush is!! ^-^

Sophie said...

Wowzwer. Me = blown away. Need these for Christmas time!

funkiichiicka said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! I can't believe that's it with no base! I might have to get this.

Powdered Almond said...

This is gorgeous! Reminds me of China Glaze's Tinsel Town but with a whiff of holo and without the smokey base. It is lovely, but I hate removing glitters so much I don't dare wear them. x

xXxStundonxXx said...

oh wow that is very pretty! I could do with a bottle of this for the upcoming party season. x

Holly Arabella said...

I NEED THIS! Didn't expect it to look anything as amazing as it does, wow!

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