Sunday, 14 October 2012

Purple Heaven – Sirvinya Sunday #1

I am on a Rimmel phase at the moment. The same day I purchased 'Pearly Queen', I also came home with Purple Reign nail polish. Purple Reign might not be as duo chrome as the rest of the Rimmel Metal Rush collection but it remains a stunning multi dimensional purple, with vivid flashes of blue shimmer.


Did I need yet another purple polish in my collection? No I didn't but if if I have an urge for purple, it's Purple Reign that I would want to reach first as the application was a doddle. The wide and flat brush should win an award and makes my life so much easier.


The smooth formula had the perfect consistency and allowed me to take all the time I need to guide the polish along the nail. Coverage is flawless and gave me the opacity you see on the photos in 2 fast drying coats. The finish is fantastic. No hint of streaks in sight, it almost reminded me of a foil effect nail polish.



They should have called it purple heaven.


Don’t ask me to choose my favourite rimmel polish. I can’t decide. What I do know is that there is only one which has let me down of all the ones I have tried: beige babe. Below, if you have a few minutes to kill, a summary of all the rimmel polishes I have reviewed to date on my blog.

Rimmel Pulsating (pink) and Your Majesty (silver) nail polishes Rimmel Pearly Queen
Rimmel Diamond Dust Rimmel Beige Babe

what: Purple Reign nail polish from the Rimmel Metal Rush Collection
how much: £3.99
where: Boots and Superdrug
bought with my own pennies

Last but not least, I wanted to finish this post by giving a special shout to Sirvinya. We decided to go on a blogging date every Sunday at 8pm. I don’t know for how long I will be able to keep this up but for now I am enjoying the challenge and it’s a lot of fun. Rolling on the floor laughing

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Never visited her blog before? I would recommend her tutorial on how to make an eyeliner with any shadow of your choice.


Sirvinya said...

I saw this in Tesco the other day so I might have to go back and get this. You need Rimmel's "Purple Addict" if you're a fan of purple!

Oh sod it, I'm just going to get all the new duochromes. said...

Very Pretty Liloo, and damn, your nails are good!

S x

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