Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Does the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover remove glitter?

If you're anything like me, you'll avoid wearing a glittery nail  polish just because you can't face the painful and time consuming  removal process. We've been all there for what it seems hours trying  to scrape the pesky glitter particles from our nails.

When Bourjois  released their magic nail polish remover, I couldn't wait to try it  mainly to see if it could tackle glitter polishes. There has been,  for a while, quite some rave about a certain Sally Hansen product  doing a fabulous job with glitter polish but to me, it was not very  helpful as the Sally Hansen product is

a) very difficult to source  and
b) extremely drying on your nails. (dry nails and cuticle mean more prone to breakage)

Before moving on to removal of glitter nail polishes in particular, I  wanted to write a novel few words on how it behaves with traditional  polishes.


The magic remover is such a pleasure to use and I have  found it very difficult to use anything else since I have opened my  first bottle for many reasons:

Not only does it smell gorgeous, sweet and fruity but the smell is  very family and office friendly. Traditional nail polish remover has  such a strong and distinctive smell that if you -hypothetically -  happened to be cheeky and wanted to use some in your office, you'll  be busted within one tenth of a second, and there is no way you could  blame the smell to be cause by another product in the office. No big  marker pen, tippex, glue can smell as strong as that.

The formula is absolutely amazing. In fact, I'd go as far as saying  that it's perfect. Within (10?) seconds and thanks to the rubbing  motion against the sponge, your polish just wipes itself off, leaving  your nails really nourished. You can really feel the goodness of the  sweet almond noil inside it and the nail polish removal process  almost feels like a mini pampering sessions for your nails. I can't  get my head round an acetone free nail polish remover can be so  effective and so nourishing to my nails, and I've never known an  acetone free nail polish remover to be so effective and kind at the  same time. This stuff is like your 'naughty and hardcore' full of  acetone purple bottle of Cutex but without the ultra drying effects  of acetone.

The sponge is of very good quality, is conveniently black so that you  don't see the remnants of your past polishes in there, never  dislodges itself from the bottle and is very durable. And then the  product is 100% times more convenient than a traditional bottle of  remover and is perfect if you only need to remove the polish from  just one nail.


The product is almost too convenient, you don't want to use anything  else and you'll find it hard to save it for special occasions? Why  would you want to save this for special occasions? Well, the magic  remover is 7.2 times more expensive than my traditional polish  remover and that's so annoying. I feel the product is definitely worth its £4.99 price tag, the quality is superb and you'll be hard  to find another sponge-in-a-tub remover of the same standard but it is expensive.

Would I feel more ready to spend £4.99 in a nail polish remover that  effortlessly remove glitter? Yes.Open-mouthed smile
Does it effortlessly remove glitter? No. Sad smile 

In my experience it doesn't  easily remove glitter easily. I tested it with a high coverage  holographic glitter nail polish from Rimmel (review coming up) which  I wore for nearly 48 hours before proceeding to remove it and it was  a pain as usual to remove it and the sponge inside the tub didn't  help one single bit. In fact, I felt uncomfortable doing it as I  could tell that the only thing I was doing was subjecting the sponge  inside this much loved nail polish remover to unnecessary damage.

Conclusion: Despite its failure to effortlessly and quickly remove  glitter nail polish, the Bourjois magic nail polish remover is  product of an outstanding quality. Wow, Wow and Wow again. I am blown away by the fragrance, the  convenience, the sponge and how it leave my nails so nourished after  being stripped off nail polish.

However, for me it remains a luxury  product. It's such a handy product for everybody especially for nail  bloggers who are on a photographing session and apply/remove a  multitude of nail polishes in a row, on the same day. In fact, it has  actually made some of my nail polish pictures even prettier. The  almond oil it contains have made the skin around my nails looking so  nourished, soft, glowy but not greasy. Sometimes I even want to use the nail polish remover even if I don’t have anything to remove! But it is pricey.  

My nails have been enjoying  every minute of it, but unless this product is on special offer, I  won't be repurchasing it. It will be a sad day when I will have used  the last drop of my beloved Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover. What can I say? Born a cheapskate, will die a cheapskate…

If Bourjois did a 'normal' tall bottle of nail polish remover (150ml) using the same formula but without the sponge and sold it at £1.99, I'd buy it in a heartbeat

what: Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover 75ml
where: Boots and Superdrug (3 for 2 offer throughout October 2012 at  Boots)
how much: £4.99
bought by me


Not Just On The Inside said...

I love this.. I bought 2 in the buy one buy one half price thing in boots

Anitacska said...

I like using it for glitter polish, in fact I only use it for glitter polish, I don't actually like the texture and smell myself. But for glitter polish, I can just stick one finger in, keep twisting the bottle for a minute or two and the polish is gone. Ideal while watching telly, etc. Otherwise I just use my normal Sally Hansen remover if I'm not wearing glitter polish.

PS. What is this holographic Rimmel polish I'm hearing about??? ;)

Sirvinya said...

I love this as well! But I have found as well that it's pretty useless for anything remotely glittery.

liloo said...

@anita you'll find out tomorrow lol x

RaeRae said...

I spotted a cheap version of this in Poundland the other day... Not sure if it's acetone free though. Might have to pick it up and have a try.

Kemcaflipflops said...

I love this and won't use anything else but then I don't like glitter polishes so it lasts forever :-)

Mademoiselle Lala said...

Can I ask for how many uses - roughly - does it last?

jaljen said...

For creme polishes it's great and it lasts longer than any competitor. I haven't exhausted mine yet and I use it a lot.

It does remove glitter if you keep twisting and rubbing your finger for a LONG, LONG time but I usually end up with cotton wool for the last bit.

It's very good but it's not a miracle for glitter. If you're not a glitter-monster then get it because it is fantastic.

Valens said...

It looks like a pretty interesting product, even if it doesn't remove glitters so well!
Yeah Trying to remove glitters quickly is a big pain.
I can't sit and let the wet cotton disks stay over the nails... everytime I want to do other things or I have to go to the bathroom ahaha
Have a great day

Holly Arabella said...

Personally I no longer like nor purchase this product. When I use it to remove glitter the glitter pieces, no matter how small, hack apart the sponge and create an awful mess! Admittedly its excellent for removing regular polish but at £5 I could buy some nail polish remover pads and remover for under £1 for both and still get the same effect in the same amount of time. I also hate how it leave a greasy feeling on my fingers and dries them out really badly! x

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