Thursday, 11 October 2012

Peptalash: Before and After. My 45 day trial

At the end of June, to celebrate the release of 'Peptalash', the latest eyelash enhancement product from Indeed Laboratories (The people who released Nanoblur) Boots launched a special offer: If you bought a £24.99 tube of Hydraluron (Moisture Boost Serum with hyaluronic acid) you could get a free tube of Peptalash. I had been dying to try Hydraluron so it was the perfect time for me make the plunge and try Peptalash too.

I waited until I was on holidays (1 August 2012) to start my intense Peptalash regime, the same time as I embarked on a serious diet to shed some unwanted weight. So for 45 days, twice a day, morning and evening, I set myself the goal to apply religiously my bi-daily dose of peptalash on my poor 'anemic' lashes. The routine was surprisingly easy to stick to and by week two, applying Peptalash had become a habit. Sometimes, I think I was applying three times a day, to make sure I didn't forget.


The recommended minimum trial period is 2 weeks but I never listen to what instructions say: If they say that epilation would make your legs hair free for 4 weeks, I usually halve that time and count myself lucky if my legs are smooth for 2 weeks. Same for a hair colour from a packet: if they say to let it apply on your hair for 15 minutes, I usually leave the colour for double the time. So I thought I would give Peptalash its best shot and apply it for 1 month and a half (45 days) instead of just 2 weeks.


The result? I let you judge by the photos.



Has it made my lashes longer, thicker and more luscious?
Has it bollocks heck.

I felt that my lashes look and felt more conditioned at the time. Looking at them in real life (as opposed to looking at them on photos) I was quite pleased because I felt they looked better even though  I didn’t notice a dramatic change in length or thickness. Now that I look at the photos, I can’t help but feeling a little bit, erm, what’s the polite word, disappointed, shall I say.

Times like these I am so happy that 1) it was free 2) I wasn't sent the product for review purposes as I don't think I would have had the courage to post about it and give Peptalash not such a glorious review.

Long live false eyelashes, I say.Smile
What can be done anyway with such ridiculously small, short, poker straight, thin, rubbish lashes anyway? Maybe there is no hope for lashes like mine? Maybe my lashes were a challenge too far for Peptalash.

what: Indeed ‘Peptalash’
how much: £24.99
where: sold exclusively at Boots.



I've been having good results with revitalash, by the sound of it this is developed to rival it! It can sometimes take longer than that to work i think x x x

Powdered Almond said...

Meh. Just... meh. Awesome mascara, that is the way. Thanks for the review Liloo, I would totally have got suckered in by this so you have saved me 25 quid! x

Anitacska said...

I like Rapidlash, but even that doesn't make my lashes that long or thick. I have now realised that I will never be able to go out without wearing mascara, but it's still nice to have longer lashes than my usual teeny tiny thin rubbish ones.

Terri said...

I dislike this whole range, pretty much because I wasted so much money trying the nanoblur which was crap!

Oh So Gawjess said...

Thanks for this review - you have just saved me some wonga! =)


Alice at SuperGorgeous said...

Wow! Is 45 days long enough? When I've done lash serums in the past the lashes normally sprout between 6-8 weeks. You should try LiLash. Much more pricey, but it works! x

liloo said...

45 days is a long time. They just said to apply it for 2 weeks, lol xx

Robyn said...

False lashes for the win!

Stina said...

That is so ridiculous, maybe you should have stuck to 2 week and magically long lashes would have grown out on day 14 hehehe ;)

I had this sent to me but didn't try it at all, as I use Li-lash permanently as it makes my lashes longer than false lashes so wouldn't use anything else..


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