Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet

I am a massive fan of Aussie shampoos. There are always 3 brands of shampoos on rotation in my bathroom and you can guarantee that Aussie is always always there. I used to belong to the Aussie Angel programme at some point but decided to drop my wings after a while, mainly because I felt guilty of not blogging enough about their hair styling range (I am so rubbish at styling my hair) and thought it was time to leave the amazing opportunity to someone else who would be a better spokesperson for them. My love story with Aussie started long before I even started blogging, so when Aussie released a new shampoo earlier last month, I naturally was itching to try it.


Aussie's latest addition is called the 'Miracle Shine' and the first thing I asked myself was if they were going to call the 3 miracle treatment 'the 3 minute miracle miracle shine Rolling on the floor laughing
I was itching to try it but at the same time, I was a bit scared as I heard rumours that the scent was dramatically different from the usual aussie shampoos that we love. Some people described it as floral, some others as having a very sweet smell. I am not a floral type of person so I was scared me and Miracle Shine was not going to happen.


After 2 weeks of wait, my Superdrug finally stocked some and I was able to assess it for myself. One sniff and I was sold. For me, it has a base of 'traditional' Aussie shampoo with a very fragrant note of candy floss over the top. Washing my hair was as lovely as with any other Aussie shampoo but with the added bonus of a new fragrance. I felt it didn't leave my hair as moisturised as Luscious Long and Take the Heat (my ultimate favourite shampoos) but I felt it left my hair a little bit shinier than usual.


All thumbs up then? Thumbs up
Well. Not quite.

I understand that Aussie wanted to keep the design of the Miracle shine in line with the rest of the range. But I think that the packaging could have done with being a little bit fancier: perhaps some holographic effect on the 'shine' lettering on the bottle maybe?
I think Aussie went a little carried away with the fragrance. Every time I now go the bathroom I can smell this particular shampoo and this is, without a doubt the most fragrant shampoo I have ever ever owned. Luckily, I don't spend all my waking hours in the bathroom but if I were, I think I would become a bit bored in the end. Who needs Glade, hey? Smile with tongue out 

I love the way Miracle Shine leaves my hair (soft, shiny, light, and definitely not sticky as the fragrance could suggest), this is a definite repurchase for me, but be warned: Miracle Shine is only for the serious sweet toothed lovers out there.

disclaimer: bought the shampoo myself, on offer at Superdrug (2 for £6.99 I think) I am not affiliated with Aussie, I am not an Aussie Angel (I used to be but I am not anymore, I quite miss it actually) and I have not received any encouragement to write about it.


Phoebe said...

Got me dying to sniff it now!


LilyLipstick said...

Great review! I do find the smell of these quite strong, its definitely a lot sweeter than the other Aussie products. x

Musiqal1 said...

Hmmm! Sound slike something I hsould try.

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