Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It’s not Superdrug, it’s mine

For me, when something is put into hot water, it will wash better than placed in cold water. This is why I really like treating myself  to self heating face masks. I don't know if it actually gives a  deeper clean, but I love the warming sensation on my face and I feel  it gives me a deeper clean. I tend to wash my hair only twice a week  and hair washing days tend to be the time when I like to put a face  mask on. I don't need to neat or careful with the application of the  face mask and it gets into the hairline, it doesn't matter because my  whole mop of hair gets washed after. I've fallen off the face mask  routine big time. This week end, I thought I would start my routine again and I  decided to treat myself to a chocolate orange self heating mask from  Superdrug.


I cannot even begin to describe the delicious smell of this mask.  Application was a very multi sensorial experience and I don't think I  would have enjoyed it as much if it had been applied by someone else.  The texture is spot on: too thick, too runny and you could definitely  feel that it's infused with some orange oil.



The mask claims to deeply purify and hydrate your skin. To be honest,  I didn't feel it left my skin noticeably more moisturised afterwards.  I definitely felt it gave my skin a nice little pampering session,  that it gave my skin a good clean but for me it was more a pampering  session for my senses. I don't think I will be repurchasing this  mask. I want more from my weekly face masks, either deep exfoliation, or deep moisture or something which makes my face younger/firmer.  Having said that, I will have no problem using up the other half of  this packet (Superdrug masks tend to have enough for 2 sessions) and  the extra one I bought at the same time. In fact, writing about it  now and reminiscing on how lovely it felt makes me want to apply it  again, right now


What: Superdrug Chocolate Orange Self Heating Mask
How much: 99p
Where: Superdrug online and physical stores
Availability: I have had no problems to find this
Special Offer: Buy 4 for the price of 3
Free delivery from the Superdrug website until 24 October 2012


Robyn said...

I always feel like most face mask of that type are a "for my senses, not my face" kind of deal, but I really like the sound of a warming choocolate one!

The Style Rawr said...

I think I'd try to eat it. Such a bargain too!

The Style Rawr!

GretalRabbit said...

It took me WAY too long to get the joke in the title... I've obviously not eaten a chocolate orange in a long time! :)

Lori - Glasgow Beauty Blogger said...

I love chocolate orange things, I kinda want to lick your face :P

Emma said...

Love that photo of you, hahaha :D made me smile <3 xx

Holly Arabella said...

I love a good self heating face mask, Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Orange face mask sounds similar to this too. Good enough to eat (but don't anyone!) x

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