Monday, 5 November 2012

Bella of the ball

If there is one thing which is difficult to buy online because of unrealistic and digitally enhanced pictures is coloured contact lenses. Prime example of this are the Edit Twilight Bella Contact Lenses. I expected golden reddened light hazel nut eyes and all I got was slightly more defined brown eyes.


I love how the outer darker rim gives my boring dark brown eyes a little bit more edge. I love how it gives bigger eyes, a little bit like a doll but in the grand scheme of things, I wish I didn't bother with these lenses. They are a bit pointless in the sense that the change is not dramatic enough.



If you are going to go to the expenses of buying contact lenses and through the MASSIVE faff of putting them in, you want them to be really noticeable. I wore them yesterday on my trip to Nando's and none of the 4 people I was with noticed any difference. This is how subtle they are.

But since I had them in yesterday, I decided to keep them for a few (ahem) drinks round town. I seem to be in a red phase at the moment. I gave my red clip in extensions another outing and I decided to adapt my moulin rouge makeup, get rid of the fake lace, the feather and add a little glitter. Red eyeliner was made with snazaroo red face paint mixed with Ben Nye Liquiset mixing medium.


I was so scared to wear face paint as an eyeliner on a night out, in case it would smear but the eyeliner lasted remarkably well. I was really impressed. To make it more durable, I added a little bit of red glitter on top which I stuck with eyelash glue. If I wear glitter on the whole lid, I would usually rely on my trusty splash, but since it was only a small area, I decided to use eyelash glue instead.



As predicted, people didn't notice the lenses, but the makeshift red glitter eyeliner coupled with the red extensions got me some compliments. Woo :) If I lack inspiration for the makeup for my staff Christmas do, I might do this one again.



allthatslap said...

Wow, this looks awesome,I would have never thought to use red eye liner but it looks awesome - very festive too with Christmas coming up! Love it!

Grace xx

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

This is gorgeous! Shame about the lenses, they don't really look different from your usual eyes at all :( I ordered a yearly pair of black ones which I did get some comments on, but I'm not that adventurous with lenses anyway :P

Love the glitter eyeliner!

Susan Fallon said...

ok, they're subtle, but I think they do lift the colour of your iris, so win, really x

jaljen said...

No. No. No.

I have a real aversion to anything odd about eyes. Even people on TV who wear ordinary lenses have me screaming in fear. I can't BEAR weird eyes. Is it just me? Not sensitive to much else. I even like FEET! But eyes? Leave them be!!!!!!

Nic @Strawbry_Blonde said...

omg looking HOT in that first pic!! Love the red glitter liner & streaks in your hair. I'd love to try brown contacts but my eyes are so sensitive I'd be nervous about how they'd react.

Nic xx

Sara said...

Amazing make up, I love the colors you used and you mixed them to perfection. love the color of that lipstick, it looks especially good on you. You are really talented and have pretty features! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower on GFC and Bloglovin! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

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