Sunday, 4 November 2012

Immaculately Collected Lashes

This is probably one of the most overdue reviews I have to share with you. I like to call these lashes my 'Madonna Rain' lashes as I was convinced Madonna was sporting similar one in her 80s video entitled 'Rain'. As a matter of fact, I was totally wrong. Madonna wears these funky lashes on the cover of her legendary Immaculate Collection album, on a look immortalised by photographer Herb Ritts.


I found them years ago, while browsing the dusty lashes corner in now closed TJ Hughes. They were probably £2.99 but it doesn't matter now anyway. TJ Hughes has closed and you can find them for £1 on Amazon. Bargain, or what?



As with most crazy lashes, do not expect that they will sit just like that on your own lashes and look pretty. Like 99% of the fancy lashes collection, they need layering under or over some regular lashes. I first wore them on my reptilian sunset makeup look, a look I did ages ago for a little competition on youtube. On this look, I layered them over or under (I don't remember) my favourite party lashes ever (More about that in a separate post)

reptile makeup look

Unless you have full and fabulous natural lashes (I don't) I wouldn't wear them these W7 lashes on their own. Treat them like a fabulous nail polish top coat and they will jazz up your party makeup.


Recently, I wore them on my devil look. I hope you're not too sick of hearing about it now. xx


What: W7 Lashes
Where: Wherever who sells W7 lashes. I bought them on Amazon and the seller is headprom. Postage and Packing was just £1.50.

Today is Sunday and that means Blogging Date with Becky (aka Sirvinya) and she has a rather amazing nail polish to share with us today.


Sirvinya said...

Those are some pretty amazing looking lashes! Unfortunately, false lashes don't work quite so well with glasses :(

Miss drifted Snow White said...

OMG I once had similar lashes like that but they irritated my eyes so much because of the lashes bounce every time I blinked LOL

they do look stunning though *sigh*

Miss drifted Snow White

Miss Diamond Pearl said...

I have (or had, can only find one) these lashes too, and had the same experience as Miss drifted Snow White, they look great in pics but aren't comfortable or practical!
Love what you did with the orange fishnet look, gorgeous! Xx

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