Saturday 12 January 2013

About blogging: Untitled/Invisible subscriptions be no more

When my beloved british beauty blogger and miss budget beauty changed their blogging platform and moved from Blogger to Wordpress, a lot of changes took place. One of them was the way I was receiving their blogs posts in my rss reader. I am a big fan of Google Reader and not a (sober) day passes without me checking my reader for new content, multiple times a day.

Suddenly, and because of the blogger/wordpress conversion, for some technical reason, British Beauty Blogger's and Miss BB's posts became anonymous, almost invisible and arrived in my reader as 'untitled'. This is not the end of the world, as I was still receiving their content but I found that it really affected how much I read those posts. I almost didn't notice them.

If you are a little bit superficial like me, and you're having the same 'issue' with some of your favourite bloggers who changed their blogging platform, it is really really REALLY easy to fix it and I could kick myself for not having it done any sooner.

google reader how to fix untitled subscriptions

In short:
As a google reader user, you have the possibility to give a name or rename any blog you have subscribed to. Open your google reader, click subscriptions, then 'manage subscriptions' and just click 'rename'. And that's it.

In detail:
Open Google reader, click subscriptions,

01 -google reader how to fix untitled subscriptions

then 'manage subscriptions'

02 -google reader how to fix untitled subscriptions

Find the blog which has no name. The blog which have no name are very easy to find. They usually sit at the top.

03 -google reader how to fix untitled subscriptions

Click rename.

04 -google reader how to fix untitled subscriptions

By clicking rename, google reader allows you rename the TITLE of the subscription (which is what you want) not the actual rss feed address. The RSS feed address will stay the same which is what we want because otherwise you won't be able to receive the posts of your favourite bloggers.
Rolling on the floor laughing And voila. xx


Sam said...

Great tip!

Sam Muses xx
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Valens said...

Do you know I've totally neglected the google reader because I often visit the blogger dashboard?
Thank you, you help me understand this little mistery. ;-)
Have a happy week-end

Leanne said...

Oooh look there's me on your reader! :-D

You ARE a clever petit chou, thank you for this!

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