Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Cut Crease & Butterflies

After false eyelashes, one of the things I have been obsessed about in makeup has been the so called ‘cut crease’ in a bid to make my heavy eyelids lifted and look a bit better :) So when I heard that YouTube Makeup Guru Krawls80 was hosting a big ‘Sigma Brushes’ Contest, with ‘cut crease’ as one of the themes, I got lots butterflies in my tummy and just could not resist to take part.

It would be great to win some brushes, but for me, really it was more an excuse to keep on practising on cut creasing, have fun with it and come up with a look. As a beginner still, it has not been easy! And at the last minute, after 6 trials, I still managed to mess it up: the shimmer from the light gold on the mobile part of the lid transferred on the crease, and I really did not want that to happen, but hey ho, I went along with and thought I would publish it anyway. I hope you like it :) x





Pooja Bali said...

beautiful :)

Nooberella said...

this is gorgeous =D im going to try and recreate it with my Alice palette =D x

liloo said...


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