Saturday, 26 December 2009

A very happy tree :)

I can’t believe how many presents I got this year! I am feeling very loved. I could not resist telling the whole world about it. So this is a picture of my tree :) I got 7 presents this year


  • a little flower brooch from @teampixie (square 1)
  • a cute teddy bear from @sugonja (square 2)
  • some scented bath salts from a colleague (square 3)
  • a fantastic present from superdrug (square 4)
  • a bundle of 3 presents from my ‘prison break’ friend (sq. 5)
  • a mysterious box, as shown on sq. 6
  • and all the way from the states, the biggest box ever from @glinda666, as shown on square 7.

Let’s open the presents shall we? :)

From Superdrug

This present got me sooo excited. Earlier on during the week, I won a twitter giveway competition from @superdrugloves. I did not expect to receive before Christmas. So I literally squealed when I received it, and squealed even more when I opened it. (I am reusing the word ‘squeal’, newly acquired from @lipglossiping haha! Inside, the best selling products from Elite Products, yep, and full size products too!!


From my friend ‘Prison Break’

Totally spot on, my friends knows me well, and it’s just all I love, aaaaaaa :) A bottle of kir royale, a single yet generous portion of panettone, and some lindt chocolate. A lot of thought has went into in the portion side of it, which suits the deranged food wise person that I am.


The mysterious present, as shown above on square 6

Now this one was totally a genuine surprise. For some reason, I thought it was another parcel from superdrug, or an order that I made some time ago. There was no mention at all of the sender apart from the name of a company on the packaging tape. And it turned out to be a present from my friend @joannadelilah. Really really thoughtful. I only met her once in real life, in wales. We had the most amazing breakfast in Wales, and she went ahead and has a mug of our mugshots holding a mug. This is incidentally the only picture I liked which was taken of all the fun week end spent in wales. That really really touched me and has brought so many memories back. @joannadelilah: we need to meet up again!!!


By coincidence as well, I just caught up with the facebook picture feed of my friend @joannadelilah (I can have access to have albums if people send me the external address of the album) and my favourite picture of the whole lot (after the picture of the radioactive eyes of madonna the cat) was a pic of my friend holding a mug, just chilling out, nice and relaxed, just like I met her, minus the ‘jordan eyes’ make up. There she is my friend @joannadelilah <3


and the box from @glinda666

Now this one as well has taken me totally by surprise. I am absolutely blown away by the generosity, fabulousness, gorgeousness, personal touch and exclusivity of this present. I am slightly embarrassed too because this is sooo much! Thank you so much @glinda666!!! Omg, you crazy woman, this is way too much, I can’t believe how much stuff you have given me. Omg, omg, omg, omg! I had to take multiple pictures of this because I am way too excited aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

Me, before opening it, all excited already. Told you the box was huge!


Inside the outer package, a gorgeous laminated luxurious christmas box. That box itself must have cost a fortune, it’s gorgeous!


And the treasure hunt begins. The lovely greeting card sets me on a mission to find in a sea of softly multifaceted confettis style streamers (not sure how to describe it) 11 little jars.


On my way there, I find buried in this sea of fun, 2 other little parcels. And there they are, nothing less a beautiful selection of 11 of the most gorgeous MAC pigments, yes, that’s right it’s all mac stuff!!! (I squeal at looking at the gorgeous colours and recognising names of products the big gurus of this world use). Totally overwhelmed at this point, I can’t believe how utterly precious and gorgeous those colours are. I feel so spoilt!

And then, I find buried in this sea of fun, 2 other little parcels.

  • 2 full size MAC blankety lipsticks! Blankety being my favourite lipstick of all time, and I had lost the one that I had which got me all upset!
  • And then, omg omg omg 3 nyx jumbo pencils, in the following colours: milk, french fries, and black bean. Makeup aficionadoes will know how exclusive the nyx jumbo pencils are, as they are nowhere to be found in the UK!!!


Glinda: This is way too much, (I am going to keep all the little treasures though, it’d be rude not to! haha) Youve spoilt me too much, thank you, thank you, and thank you. This is my best christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reflects Transparent Teal is missing on this picture. But you’ll see it below :)


And there they are :) My 11 little piggies.

  • top row: burnt burgundy, teal, pink pearl;
  • middle row: crystallised purple, mutiny, violet, fuchsia, 3d silver;
  • bottom row: reflects very pink, reflects gold, reflects transparent teal


Best Christmas ever aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :) What about you? Did you get anything this christmas which totally got you… squealing?


A Little About Me... said... got some really nice and cute gifts!

I hope you had the best Christmas ever. I'm so glad that i've made friends with people such as yourself on YouTube. It makes me enjoy being a part of the YouTube community. =)

Shelly said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed all your gifts! I was rereading you blog and noticed I didn't comment on it!!! I'm so happy you took photos, I love seeing peoples reactions when I give them gifts :) xxx love ya!!

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