Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Little bird goes clubbing

Yes, this is another contest entry. It’s for youtube Sara from SWalkermakeup. The mission was to create a party look, so you bet I just had to take part? Don’t you love makeup contests? I love them: not only it gives me excuse to play with makeup, it challenges me to create something new. And boy this was a challenge. I wanted to wear those lashes I bought in sale from Boots aaages ago.


To wear them, I had to trim 2 thirds off them, then to thin them a little, and then double them up with my beloved drama lashes from Claire’s accessories. This is the final look. I hope you like it :)





tousledkitten said...

You're beautiful. x

Misstania08 said...

Very Nice Look :-)xoxo

liloo said...

@misstania08 @tousledkitten thank you my lovelies! x

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