Monday, 25 January 2010

:: CLOSED :: 20K Tweets Mini Giveaway :¦: The Winners

Just over a year ago, I joined twitter (385 days ago, to be precise, according to which is a bit scary considering that I managed to tweet 20,000 times since then. (Don’t you even go there) This is most probably nothing to be proud of, but I thought I’d do something special for it and do a little twitter giveaway for the occasion :)


To win: 2 lots of handy travel size version of body wash gel and body butter from the Fairtrade extracts Range (details of the competition here (
And the 2 lucky winners, sponsored by tweetdeck, excel and are:
@macbella2 and @TheLongTallAlly
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Girls: please make sure to direct message me your address so that I can send your little goodies :)
I had never done a twitter give away and I did not know what to expect. I was scared at first no one would enter, or that I would annoy people with multiple retweets of my giveaway but the response has been amazing. Thank you to so much to everyone who entered :) I met so many new cool tweeps in the process. Wheeeeeeee :) :)

I received 79 entries (OMG!!!), all popping up nicely automagically in its own little column on tweetdeck as you would tweet them. I love my tweetdeck :) I am really glad I remembered to do this #liloo20K tag.
So anyway, I then imported all the entries onto excel, gave a number as they arrived and winners were decided at random, with Below all the entries. Thank you so much to everyone.
I loved that little giveaway, it was really fun and I hope I did not spam too many timelines with it. I will definitely be doing another give away in the future (40,000 tweets maybe?, will i still be on twitter in one year’s time, will you?)
xx @tsunimee


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