Friday, 22 January 2010

#FollowFridays & Twitter Love <3

My favourite people on twitter, & why I enjoy following & interacting with them so much.

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The following list is about very very active people on twitter (i.e who tweet lots & responds lots), who you feel spend their whole life on twitter like me haha), and who make my days in twitterland worth it and brighter: entertainment, joy, news, wit, laughter etc... If you're not part of this list, it probably means that you don't tweet enough or that I've only started to follow you recently.

Make sure you scroll right down till the end to see my top 3 people :)

Image2Friendly & lively girls behind the beauty bloggers:
@bickyyy @Jennifer1986

Image2Cant categorise the nice bunch. Such a sweet hearts, you want to hug them and have naughty food with :)
More than that, I just instantly gelled with these girls!
This is such a nice feeling!
@butterfly2b @emmalmurphy @KaveyF @Suziepooz @talei @TheLongTallAlly

Image2Entertaining, Cool and Informative tweets from this chirpy bunch:
@Love_London @PennyGolightly (she's a bible - must follow)

@richardbarley (he is the smile behind tweetdeck)

Image2These girls changed my time on twitter for ever.
I have met so many people through them. They are so lovely!!!
Follow @emma_cossey and @judy_jay

Image2Lovely people I've met through the youtube makeup scene. Of course they will tweet a lot about make up but they are way more than that. I love exchanging tweets with them, and they're always around on twitterland
from UK &

from the USA:
from the USA:


Image2These people chat for the whole of England and could keep entertained for days. They know everything about pop culture. They are so much younger than me, it's very refreshing. Just fun people really!

@south_mouth @PaulHeylin @babaloon

Image2Friendly real people behind a shopping company. You can talk to them and they will reply. Not like @asos for example who ask you to watch stuff on telly and they too much up their own arse to tell you which channel it’s on.

@superdrugloves (thanks to you I met @talei, thank you!!)

and last, and certainly not least, this would be:
My top 3 people to follow:
They are all bloggers, really good at writing, and it makes their tweets so entertaining and hilarious.
@BangsandaBun: a bundle of wit and fun! <3 her!!!!
@cosmetic_candy: she's so funny, has a crazy life, not sure where she find the energy. watch your purse! :P
@lipglossiping: on top of being super funny, charlotte is so good at photography: I am in total awe.


Melinda said...

Awe Liloo your such a sweet Heart I wish i knew how to do a good blog Mines Stinks I need Help Lol thxs for your mention I love you Doll oxox Melinda

Brian said...

Awe that's such a sweet post. Thanks, dear. What a wonderful way to let ppl know you appreciate them. We appreciate you, too!

Lipglossiping said...

You're too kind Chick, thank you for making my weekend brighter. xxx

Jo said...

Awww thank you for my mention hunny bun. So very kind.


Bicky said...

Aw thank yooooooooooou. <3

Kind-a Gorgeous said...

Awww Sweetheart! you have a special place in my heart <3 Thank you! x x x

Judy Johnson said...

Aww thank you for the mention my lovely, you are without doubt a Tweeter I cannot live without. Poet and I know it! :) Luv ya xxx

Leanne said...

Dawww you're such a sweetie! Thank you for this :) x

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