Friday, 29 January 2010

Reptile at Sunset – Editorial Makeup

Guess what? Yes, I am taking part in another makeup contest on YouTube. The contest is hosted by sweet and talented Hugo aka teporchuchis on youtube. The mission was to create an editorial look, you know the kind of look you would find in a fashion magazine, or on a catwalk, and probably not in the frozen veg section at Asda. First things first, let me show introduce you to Teporchuchis. Now this is the kind of makeup he’s been treating us to, no pressure at all lol :)

008 007

If I had a comfort zone in makeup, an editorial look would be totally out of it. I’d like to say that I enjoyed every minute creating this look, but I really had a hard time lol. But I really wanted to take part in the contest, not so much in the hope of winning it, but to support Hugo in his first contest, being a big fan of his.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my ‘reptile at sunset’ look. Brace yourselves as I try my hands at eyebrow block covering. This was before the ‘reptile pattern’ thingy


The lashes are made up of 2 pair of lashes, the lashes I’ve wearing about 1000 times and some fancy ones from W7 which I bought at TJ Hughes. Here’s me attempting some reptilian pattern. I spare you all the cursing this has caused :P




Thanks for reading. Any tips on eyebrow blocking are more than welcome :) xx


A Little About Me... said...

I love it! =) lipstick. What kind are you using? I've never worn black lipstick and i've been wanting to find a reason to. lol

Em said...

God that's amazing! There's so much detail over the eyelid, can't imagine how much patience you must have to do that.

Anonymous said...

Dare I ask how you got the reptilian looking pattern on the right side?? Or if there is a way you could post a tutorial video on this look? It would be great for my halloween costume. :D Please and thank you.

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