Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy Naughty Year ^_^

For New Year's Eve, I wanted to go out in fancy dressed costume and chose to be a little devil. I am still very much a beginner in makeup, so I asked my friend Bri aka 'spittingglitter' on youtube ideas for it.

Not only she helped me with ideas, but she dropped everything and created a devil for me instantly.

So this is what spittingglitter sent me:


Unfortunately, I ran out of time, I did not have time to do the 'fork eyeliner' finishing touch. But where I failed the most was with the lips! They were meant to be shiny blackest black with a red centre & ended up in all the variations of red, purple, and black throughout the night.

My finished look ended up looking nowhere like the original. All in all, the look is ok, definitely lasted through the night,but needs polishing, tidying, more contouring, definitely more thought out work on the lips, and the fork liner!

After this mouth watering introduction, here's my look.





madame b fatale said...


Leanne said...

Oh my word, this is amazing!
Thanks for asking about the Kyrolan palette but I've had an offer for it already :( although if you were looking into getting it from elsewhere, the matte black is better than MAC Carbon in my opinion but the other colours aren't amaaazing. Also, the first three colours are shimmer and the last two are matte. Sorry about that!

Musicalhouses said...

Whoa, this eye look is definitely a stunner!

degrees of shining ~ all about *E said...

I am loving the red on the eyes! Fantastic!

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