Wednesday, 17 February 2010

37.2°C in the morning…

Ooo I love playing around with makeup. This time, the excuse was a entry to a makeup contest hosted by my friend @detailoring on youtube. The mission was to create a makeup look based on a foreign film. I chose a French Film called "37.2°C le Matin" (literally meaning 37.2 °C celsius in the morning) and translated in English under the name of Betty Blue. My look was inspired by the poster of the film.


The film is about some crazy French woman who spends her time watching sunrises and having sex lol. At some point she even sets fire to the beach bungalow of her boyfriend. I am not sure why 37.2 le Matin is such a famous film in France because it’s a bit rubbish to be honest. With this mouth watering introduction, this is my look. I am a bit disappointed with it as my practice look looked so much better. Again, this is more for support to my friend rather than being super super inspired by the theme lol. Well,I was inspired to create a look based on ‘Run Lola Run’ but another contestant did an amazing creation for it and I got totally discouraged.



and this was my blue eye when I was practising. the cut crease is so much better. I probably will never be able to do it again lol. Why didn’t I do the whole look when I was practising? My stupid hair was dirty, pff. I need to get a wig that I can wear for those occasions


Merci xx


Leanne said...

Oh my goodness Tsu, this is amazing :O Gah, I wish I could cut the crease like you!

Ashleigh said...


I want your hair. and makeup skillz. kthanksbye.


teampixie said...


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