Saturday, 29 May 2010

Purples Pearls – Makeup Look #2 with MUA

The brunette in me could not resist creating a second look with the gorgeous purples of MUA Eyeshadows. (shade 9 and shade 13 - gah I wish those colours had names, the public could have provided names for MUA at no extra cost, ha) For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, MUA is a new brand of makeup, exclusively sold in Superdrug Stores, in England, where every product is £1. That’s right, just one pound for any item within the brand.


Today, I used the same purples  as in my Look #1 but added a third purple in the inner half of the crease (Ransom from the Urban Decay Deluxe Palette). The pinkish colour which you see was simply achieved with one of my favourite highlight colour (I used Mac Blanc Type). I also used Blanc Type on the main part of the lid.


I really like the colour scheme, and working with those shadows. I am still baffled that they cost only £1. I do feel that the purple look #1 look that I did earlier works better though as this crease is way too shimmery. Shimmery creases have never been a good look in my book but I wanted to push the boundaries a bit and try it out. Looking at it now, I wish I had added some black on the lower lashline to add a bit of depth.


On the lips I used another product exclusive to Superdrug: it’s a lipstick from Sleek Makeup in shade amethyst. I love the colour so much, I felt it deserved its own little post.



liloo said...

yes love it, you are gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

Purple soooo suits you.

Looks ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous =)

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