Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Creaserama in Liquid Bronze

Reading about the Benefit Creaseless Cream shadows gave me the craving to buy some cream eyeshadows but I was not ready to spend £14.50 to see if I liked them, as my previous and only experience of cream shadows left disappointed: Revlon Illuminance quad shadow palettes which were too sheer and too subtle. When I heard that MeMeMe from Superdrug did some bright ones, I just could not resist and had to buy one. So I bought the Colourama, in shade  ‘Liquid Bronze’ at £5.50 from Superdrug


The promise: Colour with Drama Combined.
Long lasting cream eyeshadow
8 hours longstay wear. Guaranteed


My first impressions: I love the packaging. I love how it feels in the hand, very nice and heavy, the font is gorgeous, and the plastic casing almost looks & feels like glass. I did one swatch in the shop with the sponge applicator and I was sold. This had to go on my lids. It basically looks like those delicate posh pears covered with a sheet of gold, that you could find in glossy Christmas editions cooking magazines. I was surprised at how quickly it set on my hand.



Sadly this is where my love affair ended with the product. I prepped my eyes with some Too Faced Shadow Insurance. As soon as I applied on my lids, it started to crease like nobody’s business. I just could not believe my eyes: it almost felt like you suddenly try to iron a fabric with an iron which is too hot and the fabric starts instantly to shrivel. I tried to apply it more carefully on the other lid, alas with no better results. Perhaps, I also went too heavily on the second eye, or that I pulled the skin a bit too tight, which caused the shrivelling on application? I am not sure. It was very hard to capture the shrivelling, but here’s an attempt (not a eotd!)


What’s your experience with cream shadows? Do they crease on you as soon as it approaches your skin? Any tips for the application of it? Can you blend a cream shadow?


millmollmac said...

hi, I've only tried Benefit and never experienced anything like this - they take a few seconds to set and plenty time to blend on. But even though you've said about the creasing, I think these look worth a shot - the colour payoff is fab! xx

Fum said...

I find some cream shadows are better than others but most are hard to blend and a pain to work with. Most will crease or show up the lines in your skin too. I have some which I use mainly as bases most of those are in a pencil form. Best tip is to not apply too much. But personally I prefer pressed powder/mineral shadows.

Jenni said...

That's GORGEOUS! I wonder what I can find over here that'd be as pretty. I'd practice the hell outta that to get it smooth lol.

Leanne said...

I've got one of these and it doesn't crease on me for at least a few hours! I just apply a thin layer with the applicator and give it a quick buff with a blending brush in the few seconds before it sets. I like it!

liloo said...

Waou this one is really pretty and bright!
I tryed a cream shadow from makeup atelier and if I do not put a base, it will crease for sure :(

spittingglitter said...

Boo - it looks like you were disappointed with this one - thanks for the honest review/ warning! I can see how lovely the colour payoff is with this but it seems to come at the cost of the finish. I don't think I could cope with it creasing and sitting in every little crack in my skin.

I do have a little mini palette (9 colours I think) of cream shadows that my Mum put in my xmas stocking - they are a bit cheapified and sheer but work quite well as a base to intensify eyeshadows, so long as you apply thinly and use shad ass!

Oooh I also have a Smudge Pot by Stila, thats bloody fab, amazing colour & finish, sets very quickly though.

SG xx

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