Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Purples Pearls – Makeup Look #1 with MUA

I finally got round to play with my bargain eyeshadows from MUA. For this look #1 (2 others to follow in the series) I used shade 9 (bright purple) and shade 13 (dark purple). (See here my swatches and other MUA shadows I bought)  I really wanted to stick to those colours only and made a point of NOT using black to darken the crease.

I found the shadows very easy to blend, although the blue reflects from the light purple were more subtle than on my original swatch. I have yet to try over a dark base. I still can’t believe how bright and pigmented this is: amazing value for money. Well done MUA!


Additionally, I used:

base: too faced shadow insurance & nyx jumbo pencil in milk
highlight: Nyx, in highlight
inner corner: Nyx white from TS01 white/gray/black trio eyeshadow palette
waterline: Revlon Matte White  kohl eyeliner
lower lashline: Revlon Matte Very Violet
dark brown from TR2 smoky trio palette from Gosh for eyebrows
lashes: crap black lashes from the pound shop + purple lashes from 17 from Boots


lips: Fashion Mews from Mac (limited edition – Hello Kitty) + clear gloss
foundation from Revlon. I wanted to use my revlon pout lipstick to keep in with the 'drugstore/highstreet' theme but I did not find it on the day. boo :/




Fintia said...

This is very pretty! Fab lashes ;-)

Bicky said...

This is super pretty I love it! I wasn't going to get the shadows coz they look kinda meh in most swatches but I love love this look. :D

Anonymous said...

o m g.. Liloo, you look like a MARVELLOUS beautiful lilac fairy! So loving the purples here, the purple lashes peeking out is too lovely for wards, and the blending is superb. xxxx

Nooberella said...

love love love this look, my poundland never has false lashes =( xxx

May said...

Gorgeous look sweetie! The eyeshadows are beauuuutiful together!


Eyelining said...

That looks fab! Love those lashes! x

liloo said...

Ohhhhh this is GORGEOUS and so intense! Love it! The lashes are perfect with this look, well done :)
I didn't know this brand MUA, unfortunately we don't have it in France :(
Seems to be good quality products :)
Thx for sharing

Jen said...

Its so gorgeous! Really suits you and blending is fab xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

Great look! I got a few MUA eyeshadows too, including these ones, but haven't really tried them out yet (except the matte brown, which is great on my brows!) - will definitely try this look!

spittingglitter said...

This looks great Lil! Can't believe you didn't even use any black in the crease - that dark purple is really intense! The lighter purple is a lovely shade too - I can see the blue reflects. I need to check out that MUA range! :) x

Charlie said...

I adore this. You are SO gorgeous. And skilled. xxx

LOIS said...

will you come and do my make up for me? Seriously you make the most gorgeous looks and make me, a colorshy person when it comes to make up, want to put all sorts of colorful looks in my face.
And the pigmentation does look very good :)
Love Lois. Kartfoffel Lois xxx

btw love the last picture :)

Alice said...

This is such a gorgeous, gorgeous look <3 I love it! x

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