Monday, 31 May 2010

Elemental Failure : Fire Eyes

To sweet Mizzworthy,

Oh I am so disappointed with myself. I really wanted to enter your fabulous makeup contest but sadly I was not happy with my 2 makeup practises and need to admit defeat. As you know, I’ve taken part  in many makeup contests before but for some reason I could not get past the nerves of being judged by Illamasqua themselves and  was not happy enough with my attempts to post them.


I hope the little video helped spread the word a little bit.
For you, those replacement fire eyes
Wishing you all the best for the contest.




Lots of love x



liloo said...

Love it, you should participate :(
Lots of love

Pasiphae said...

I don't know why you are so hard on yourself my sweet friend! I love this look! Beautiful colors, wonderfully combined and blended. I can understand your "intimidation" because most people will do more dramatic and over the top looks, but I really love this one as a wearable version. I would just want to see a smile too!!! xoxo Arietta

liloo said...

Thanks so much for the support sweetie. Originally, I planned a dramatic/extreme entry on the element of air, with light green and pink, which involved a fair amount of face painting detailing and it was more than I could chew. I still think it was a great contest, and I can't wait to see the winner. Sadly this was not the contest for me: too big xxx

Big Fashionista said...

Your very hard on yourself honey. I love this. Looks amazing x x

mizzworthy said...

Finally! I am back online and just wanted to acknowledge the entry! Apologies for the delay! Moving house sucks, but trying to get internet connected sucks even more... Please bear with me - we have had some fabulous entries so judging will be difficult, but keep checking my blog for the finalists!

And by the way - there is NOTHING "FAIL" about this look - it is very pretty!

MizzWorthy x

RubyRed said...

I love it too... even if the expression of your face says that you're not happy with it, I like it very much! The only thing (and I can say the same for my entry) is that I would have painted lips and face to complete those beautiful eyes ;)

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