Friday, 28 May 2010

Pastels Liquid Eyeshadows from Miss Sporty


In my excitement over the bargain prices of the MUA eyeshadows, and in the mood for more bargains, my eyes got caught by some liquid eyeshadows from Miss Sporty. Ok, before you laugh, hear me out. They had an impressive range of colours which appealed to me more than the very neutral shades of any liquid shadows I had seen before. Only product I had ever bought from Miss Sporty before was a nail polish called ‘vanity’ which whenever i wore it got me heaps of compliments as they looked ‘freshly manicured. The nail polish was one of those, though which would be unusable after 1 month of opening it but it was still worth it. So I knew that I should not expect too much from the brand. I am not quite sure what possessed me but I ended up buying three in one go: a pale lilac, a light green and a off white.



Put it that way: I am so glad I wasn’t sent those products for free because I would have had a hard time to try to phrase in a positive and constructive way how rubbish those liquid shadows were. They did not shrivel as much as the Colourama from MeMeMe  which I bought incidentally on the same day but they creased even in places where you would not expect it to crease, as a clay mask would do, if it makes sense. What a shame, I would have liked this product to work, I love the idea of  those ‘Easter’ pastels.

The search for affordable creaseless liquid/cream shadows continues. What was I thinking? Cream/Liquid shadows have a reputation to crease on lids, why did I think a £1.99 cream shadow would not crease? D’oh! Have you ever bought something you know deep down it’s going to be rubbish? Similarly, have you bought something incredibly cheap which surprised you?


liloo said...

One time I bought a lipstick from Barry M and just loved the color ( a kind of dolly pink really cute). Love this brand sooooooo much, but hateeeeeeeeeeeee this lipstick sooooo dry, that makes me feel as my lips were in carton!

Laura said...

What a great blog! I just found it today and can't wait to read your future posts :-)

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