Sunday, 10 October 2010

Mushrooms & Berries NOTD and MissFit Take 2.

You know what? Blog comments are like Red Bull, they give you wiiiings. I just posted my first notd attempt (take 2 of Missfit from Missguided at the bottom of this post) yesterday and the comments you left for me were so uplifting that it gave me the confidence to do some more :)

So I would like to share with you 2 other nail polishes: my first Barry M acquisitions which I have been meaning to try for ages:
Barry M Berry Ice Cream (308)  and Barry M Mushroom (033)


I realise the whole world and its missus have already got these shades. If you haven't, here are my 'swatches' Both polishes were an absolute dream to apply and I would totally recommend them for a beginner. I love the brush, the thick but not gloopy formula and the fact that I get coverage in 2 coats. Now that I've been used to this, it's going to be pretty hard to top that.

So first, this is Berry Ice Cream. I love the colour but I don't like the finish. It's pretty on photos, and even in real life, but it's simply not me and it's going straight to my friend's house. I don't like crème finishes really, I personally find them a bit flat on me. I have tried to take photos both indoors with the flash and outside with a real lighting. My goodness we were lucky today, such a lovely sunshine.




Barry M Mushroom feels divine. Although it's also a crème finish, I don't mind it as much because it falls more in the category of natural earthy greige kind of polishes and it feels more acceptable, to have a shimmer or a duo chrome going on. If you like these shades, hand on my heart, you won't be disappointed by the formula and the ease of application and I would wholeheartedly recommend them. Now I am tempted to buy 'vivid purple' by Barry M. Anyone's got it? 


I know, I know. Index finger could do with another coat really. I might have forgotten it. Hopefully the blue sky will detract your attention :)


Image3 Image55

Oh, I nearly forgot.
This is take 2 of my fotd from yesterday: the absolutely gorgeous MissFit, now on all the fingers hehe. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and support. <3






missy_ellie_uk said...

I have berry ice cream, I like it a lot but I love creme finishes over shimmers and metallics. Mushroom looks good too, I'm possibly the only person who doesn't have this!

You have lovely nails by the way!

mizzworthy said...

These polishes are beautiful - Your nails are so great as well! They are a lovely shape and length! *jealous*

liloo said...

@mizzworthy @misy_ellie_uk omg *blushing* thank you very much!! xx

jaljen said...

I think your pix are great. You have very nicely groomed hands and nails. Keep doing nails!

Carly.xo said...

Lovely Nail Colours :D

Emma Greenwood said...

Do get Vivid Purple - it's beautiful! Requires 2 coats for full opacity and is very glossy and shimmery :) xx

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