Sunday, 14 November 2010

3 Essential Makeup Items for a night out: A mini poll

So, I was playing around with makeup as usual, and chilling on a sunday evening and was wondering about something:

 If you could only wear 3 items of makeup for a night out, what would these items be?

I’ve asked around on Twitter and I received the following answers from my followers. It's really refreshing to see that we don’t need an arsenal of makeup to make us feel confident to go out the door. Yay, go us! I also loved to read about where, you girlies feel you need the most help in enhancing/covering what nature gave you, or about your little areas of more needs / imperfections / insecurities


Me? I would definitely say: 1. a huge generous thick dollop of foundation, 2. False Lashes and 3. Eyeliner.
What about you girlies?
Thank you everyone for participating. Lovely to read!
liloo xx
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Sarah@Blusherobsession said...

definitely foundation mascara and blusher

Eyelining said...

Really interesting to see what people consider essentials! x

Nikki said...

Foundation, Blusher and Mascara!! I think I can be without everything else.... but Id rather not have to! :p

Ashleigh said...

my brow powder (since it's an eyeshadow i can double it and get a smoky eye!), foundation, mascara

ModestyBrown said...

Concealer, lipstick (can double as blusher) and hmmmm... this is tricky as I'm not sure whether I'm go for liner or mascara. I really need both. Maybe I should just forgo the lipstick! x

Anonymous said...

I am never out on the razz these days, but if I were to go out a paper bag may not be a bad idea (joke). Being serious it would have to be base, mascara and lipgloss, I would get red enough from all the mad dancing. Nice post.
Jan x

Harpreet said...

concealer, lipstick and eyeliner!
well thats what i normally wear anyway :)

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