Saturday, 13 November 2010

Taking the Heat, Aussie Style & FOTD

About 2 weeks ago I received a beautiful package from Aussie. Inside an invitation, a second chance and a big  challenge...
The invitation was to attend a very swanky party to celebrate the launch of their latest range of products  called “Take the Heat” designed to protect your hair from the effects of heat damage. The whole  range contains 5 products: a shampoo, a conditioner, 3 minute miracle deep treatment, a leave-in spray, and  a cream.


Oh I hear you already. You're going to say that you don't style your hair very much or that you only  straighten your fringe. Well, heat damage happens from the moment you blow dry your hair and you don't have  to be doing elaborate crimping or curling etc  to damage your hair, I have learnt.  (I am going to try to forget  all the years I've been doing stuff to my hair without using anything, same for all the years of my life I  have been walking around without using SPF).

Also inside my parcel, the chance to road test two products from the range: the 'Take the Heat Cream' and  ‘Take the Heat Leave-in Spray’. I was really excited about the range firstly because of its main ingredient:  Jojoba.

For years, when I was living in France, one of my most repurchased shampoos was a shampoo (designed  for long hair) from L'Oreal containing jojoba which makes my hair super super shiny. (he shampoo is actually called ‘brilliance’ (French for shine). Sadly, I have never  been able to find this shampoo in England (I don't think it has ever been sold here).

But anyway, who wants  L'Oreal when you can have the trademark lovely smell of Aussie Products and the friendly language and puns  on their bottles? Friendly & Amusing language on shampoo bottles, by the way has also been attempted by Herbal Essences too, although I think they went too far the raunchy way in my opinion and don’t speak to me the same.

The challenge I was given was to see which form of protection I preferred when using heat on my hair (the  cream designed for thicker hair or the spray for thin hair), choose a hairstyle to recreate from the 3 hair  style tutorials on the Aussie website, and practise practise practise to reveal the fruits of my efforts and  my luscious long locks styled by moi on the night of Event. (my post about the night here)


I tried the cream  heat protector for my dry and thick horse hair. I was a bit apprehensive it would leave my hair greasy,  sticky, dull and heavier, but it didn't. Usually, when I blow dry my hair, I feel I need to put back  moisture into it but this time it didn't leave it as dried out as usual, shine was still there and no hint  of stickyness. The best about it all: the smell and the handy 100ml size bottle which I can see myself carry  around. No excuse for damage now!


I am happy, I feel I have been given a second chance to look after my hair a bit more and I am going  to grab it with both hands, one 'blobette' at a time :)

With all the excitement, I got carried away and I was inspired by the purple and red colour of the advert and the bottle to create a eye makeup look.


Ideally, I’d love to recreate this look on the night. Will have the guts to recreate something that bright for the night of the event?  How did my styling challenge go? Click here to find out. I leave you with you photos of my Aussie Take the Heat Inspired Makeup Look.




Products I’ve used: Well it had to be the purple from the sleek makeup acid palette, being one of my favourite colour ever, mixed with the blue duochrome purple from MUA. The red is from the 88 matte palette (the only colour I use in this cheap and ever so tacky palette) and very dark purple and black from the 120 palette. Lashes are a superposition of 2 pairs of lashes: generic purple lashes from eBay placed on the top of eylure glamour 101. 

Below a little before and after. Excuse the bare brows. Left side shows droopy lid in all its splendour, but right eye show the purple, like I should have left it, with enough free space for the highlight, before I messed up with it… oh well …



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I love this make up. Beautiful colors! And I love the purple eyelashes!

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