Saturday, 13 November 2010

Fireworks Party, Heat Damage and Aussie to the Rescue …

… Or the adventures of a stress head in Leeds…
Last Saturday I was invited to a truly fabulous party hosted by Aussie Haircare to celebrate the launch of their latest haircare range 'Take the Heat', a line of products specifically designed to protect your hair from the effects of heat damage.


In true Aussie Style, the event was superbly organised as usual and in every detail: from the gorgeous package, with colour coordinated satin ribbon to match the colour of products to the theme of the event: What a better night that 'Bonfire Night, night of fireworks' to host an event around heat damage. Perfect! The event was hosted in the sky lounge of some swanky hotel in Leeds, with panoramic views of the city.


I could not have thought of a better venue for it: while sipping out champagne cocktails, we were able to see the fireworks through the large windows, whilst in the warmth inside, all glammed up and in heels.

SAM_9265 SAM_9280

Before the event, all Aussie Angels were given a mission. We had to see which 'Take the heat' protector product worked best for our hair (read my thoughts on the products here) choose a hairstyle to recreate from hair style inspiration videos on the Aussie website, and reveal our hair style to the world. Best Barnet of the night would be awarded a prize. So this is when it started to go a bit pear shape. I am so mortified... {Put the kettle on, it's a long one...}

To start off, I received my 'Take the Heat' parcel later than everyone else as I had to had my parcel redelivered to a different address which left me less time than everyone else to practise. It’s my own fault really, as I work full time and never at home to receive parcels. Then, with Halloween preparations in the middle of it, I ran of time to buy a decent hair curler tool (I set myself on creating the voluminous curls hairstyle) so I ended up practising my curls with a pair of straightening irons. Needless to say, my first attempt at curling my hair using a hair straightener didn't go to plan.

To top it all off (wait for it) the same day of the event, I was moving offices and carrying filing cabinets and all sorts all day. My main priority was to keep my hair clean and away from the dust, which caused hilarity around the offices as I was wearing a hat indoors {we’re talking russian/trapper type of woolie hat here , with 2 flaps at the side covering the ears} By the time I took my train to Leeds, nothing of my freshly straightened hairstyle was left. It was still shiny, definitely not dusty but flat as anything. I was absolutely mortified. There I was going to a truly amazing party (Aussie Parties are just always out of this world), my hair flat as a pancake, knowing it would be judged to scoop the prize for the best barnet of the night.

There I was at 18.30, (party was due to start at 19.30, 'sharp like my hairstyle' as said the invitation) just arriving to my hotel, with fiasco hair, with just an hour to regain human appearance and put makeup on. I don't remember the last time I was such a bag of nerves. Before the event, I had practised a makeup look, inspired by the colour theme of the product (see my look here) but I chickened out at the last minute and opted for another makeup look (and outfit) I had worn many times before. To add to the nerves, attending the event as my guest, was YouTube celebrity makeup guru glitterdollz7. I felt paralysed. I felt I had forgotten how to apply lashes, blend shadows and everything ... AAAaa. I just couldn't relax enough to apply decent makeup, I felt the glue of my lashes wouldn't stick and the lashes I would usually be able to pop them on in the dark would not sit right. It was chaos. Anyway, after lots of stress and shakes, Ellie (missy_ellie_uk)and Carly (glitterdollz7),  - my guests for the evening - and myself arrived to the event about 13 minutes late.




I felt so lucky to be there. I just couldn't believe the venue and the breathtaking views we had over the city of Leeds and the fireworks. As a surprise guest for the evening, Aussie treated us to dancers performing on the balcony, all again, superbly  coordinated with the Take the Heat Products: Red and Purple Dancers with assorted ribbons and Dancers with Fairy Light Dresses to echo the heat theme of the night:






I was able to meet and chat to lots of bloggers, and sample all the delicious canapés and flowing champagne. I was having fun, but still deep down, I was mortified at the thought of having let Aussie down with my hairstyle. These girlies, by contrast did extremely well. Below, meet Katy the winner of the barnet of the night, with the 2 finalists, Jen and Catherine. If  it had been me, I would have had as well included @kelanjo19 as a finalist but I am really glad it was Katy who scooped the prize as she has long hair like me, yay :). The one who is laughing her head off is Jen and the one with the gorgeous golden dress is Catherine.


On my wish list for Christmas, a pair of curling irons definitely. Any suggestions for brands and models which can tackle my thich long locks would be very much appreciated.

And now photo time extravaganza…










Marylin Monroe and me


Lady Gaga and me


Thank you for the great night Aussie! 



lilfairydoll said...

What an event!!!! You look goooooorrrrrrgeeeeooouuussss!!!! Curl making with straighteners takes practice but the reward is woooow, plus it's the only way my hair holds curls for longer than an hour

Arietta said...

It must have been a great event, I wish we could have those in my country as well! I'm sorry you didn't have the time to do the beautiful make up you did on your previous post, but you look gorgeous either way!

missy_ellie_uk said...

You are such a stresshead. Even though it didn't go to plan your hair and makeup looked fab!

Ellie x

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks so shiney and fabulous I have complete hair envy. Nerves get in the way of so much. You look completely gorgeous and sexy. And what an amazing venue - glad to see something outside of London. Thanks for this. Jan x

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aw I love the slogan in the picture 'my name is carlito' haha, it was a great night wish I had got to speak with you more! xxxxxxxxxxx

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