Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Tsuna’vi for Halloween

Being absolutely obsessed with Avatar the movie, how could I not resist not transforming myself into a navi for Halloween.
I just had to be an avatar this year, it just made sense.


Trying to work out how to make my whole body blue was another story. For the past month, I had been toying with this idea and many times I have asked myself if I was really going to go ahead with this whole na’vi malarkey. We’re talking having the whole body blue here. When I use facepaint and spend time applying it, the result gets awfully streaky at best of times, let alone all over the whole body. I remember my first attempts at facepaint when I did this tribal makeup, whereby the whole bathroom was smeared with brown, it was not a pretty sight.

To say that this character was challenging was an understatement. I love halloween to bits, it’s my favourite day of the year, and I really wanted to go out, have fun and not to have to worry about facepaint smudging, fading, going streaky etc. The practicality of it is a nightmare: so you just go out like this, with facepaint on, at 9 degrees in winter, with no coat. How do you put facepaint on your armpits anyway? Do you put deodorant before the paint or after? And you need to carry a handbag right? How does this come into the equation? ‘Avalook (get it?) at this pretty girl. Her make up *is* stunning but can you really wear this out? It’s going already streaky around the waist, and the girl is wearing hardly anything!!! Plus, how can you pull wearing this look? Who is going to take you home with all this blue gunk on you lol?


So I looked into the option of buying a catsuit from eBay, all the way from China as I was desperate. I bought one in the end as I was getting desperate but the catsuit never arrived and I had to think quick on my feet. To be fair, I am quite glad it didn’t arrive. I would have ended up like a shiny smurf and being from China and all, the sizing would have been ridiculously small and I would have never fitted it.

I was really close to give it up. Objective no.1 was wearability and a party proof look. In the end I opted for a fake masquerade mask, a blue ‘top’ (or handkerchief if you prefer to call it that way) and a brown skirt from eBay. The skirt didn’t fit at all and I had to destroy it a bit to wear it.  More details on the makeup itself (and whether it was truly wearable and party proof) in another post. For now I leave you with some photos. Skimpy? Yeah, outrageously skimpy and not something I could wear when I am 70. I didnt want to look back on my life at 70 and go ‘do you know, if I had the guts I could have been an avatar that year?



More Halloween shenanigans (and a rather yummy Jack Sparrow, some dance moves and all my mates) in my youtube video here. So did you dress up for Halloween? I’d love to see what you’ve been to. Spam me away with your youtube video and blog posts links :)



liloo said...

yeah you made such a great job, love it :)

Charlie said...

LOVE this! Its absolutely fantastic and you are HOT :)

Jessica said...

Amazing!! <3

Arietta said...

You look gorgeous in this costume! I love the make up and the skirt!


Ms. Wedgie said...

I watched your vid this morning...looking hot lady!! You were throwing some pretty awesome shapes on the dance floor as well!! How are you going to top this outfit next Halloween or are you planning next years costume already? :)

Sorcha said...

That turned out really well!

LardUK said...

I so would....
Fabulous, foxy, Frankenstein fondling, Frenchie

Anonymous said...

Sizzling - you look fab lady. Great post thankyou, I have body envy now! Jan x

PurpleRamblings said...

That's amazing!! I can barely even manage blue eye shadow without making an absolute mess. Outfit is HOT!!

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