Sunday, 26 December 2010

Hair confidence boosting

The end of the year and lots of us already are thinking whether we should do make new year's resolutions or not. I have a got a few in mind but I would hate to publish them on my blog, read them 2 weeks later and see where I've failed. Amongst other things, I have been unhappy with my hair lately. I've reached the stage where it needs a permanent colour to cover the greys. For the first time this year, I went to the hairdressers and had a permanent hair colour done. This was done with INOA and the result was lovely. I kept on having compliments on the colour, as it multi tones of red peeking through under the bright sun or strong lighting.

Alas I was not happy with it and 1 week later I was back at the hairdresser's asking them if they could fix it? what was wrong with it? The fact that I could still see the greys in it. They kindly redid it for free. The result: well... the greys are definitely gone, but I can see why the hairdressers chose the first method. This one feels definitely flatter and just boring brown. Ideally, it would be absolutely lovely to have some red highlights put in on top of the colour but I don't have the budget to keep this up. So to cheer myself up about it, I went on the net and downloaded some pictures of very dark brown/black  barnets. Dark brunettes, if you feel your hair colour is boring, this is for you and check out how glossy and elegant these women are :)

Long live long and dark hair :)






and last but not least, Rachel Weiz (sp?) I love her haircut too, her layers are perfect.


How do you feel about your hair at the moment? Fancy a radical hair cut / colour or are you pretty happy with it?


Ashleigh said...

i have always and will always despise my frizzy hair. Haha.
However, I do accept it and do what I can with it, and try to give it some extra TLC every now and then. It desperately needs a trim though.

As far as color, I'm trying to go back to my natural dark brown without coloring it again so i've good a good inch and a half of roots showing but you can only tell when i straighten it thank goodness :D

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