Monday, 27 December 2010

Twitter Giveaway: The winners and Massive Mea Culpa

I could tell you that I have been incredibly busy, that I've been looking after a sick grandmother, or that my last twitter giveaway has been very popular and hard to keep track of. I won't . Truth is that I've messed up big time and it has taken all this time to draw the winners for my Stila/Eylure twitter giveaway.

SAM_8602 Image3

So, with great shame and profuse apologies, the entries have been verified (better have been for all the time it took me) and the winners are no. 247 and no. 122

Image2 Image4

Congratulations to @TinadeWert and @Cleggy23



Thank you so so so much everyone who entered and for your patience. If you want to check your lucky number, all the entries have been recorded here
I am so sorry again for the massive delay :( xxx


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