Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Let Loose in Black & Pink EOTN – Evening Makeup

We all must have a tried and tested going out makeup look. When I don't have much time available to try out a makeup look and have limited time  to get ready, I seem to turn into this heavy black and pink look.



I usually would use a matte black shadow for this, but this time, I really wanted to 'let loose' and use the dip-in shimmery eyeshadow dust from Prestige Cosmetics. This look is not very suited for my eye shape really. I have got droopy eyelids above the crease and I would usually darken this area and have a lighter main lid but I still like the result. I wouldn't wear this look on a date for example as it tends to close my eye. Blogger always compresses my photos to the max, I am sorry for the loss of glitter on the pictures: in reality it looks really glittery.



Funny enough, I tend to wear this when I am going out to a gig? Am I trying to channel some sort of grunge/rock look? Go figure :P I couldn't tell what I used in this instance for the shades of pinks but it was definitely something non descriptive and high street.





Catch a Dragonfly said...

It looks very good.... I love it!!
Just wish that I could be so clever at applying my eye makeup...

Nikki said...

Lovely look!! I'm not a fan of glitter, but I love the pink in there!! Xxx

sugar sugar said...

Really pretty! Lovin the sparkly glittery look! :D

Ditzymakeup said...

Your so pretty!!!
GREAT look!

Princess and the Pea said...

Looks beautiful my lovely

the pink looks very powerful, such a great combo


Cheeky Beauty said...

That looks gorrrgeous :D

liloo said...

omg omg omg so many comments :) thank you so much guys, so chuffed you like it, yay woooooooooo :) xxxxxxx

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