Friday, 14 January 2011

Best things in life are free? NOTD Nails Inc Diet Coke Caramel Nails

Shame on me. I can't believe I have not got round writing about my favourite to-go nail polish: London from Nails Inc, The London nail polish came about a few months ago, as a freebie part of the Diet Coke operation. Helen from SparklzandShine kindly donated it to me, as I was a slow taker and when I had got round to boots to get it, all the shades of London had gone. You bet when Nails Inc and Diet Coke joined forces and offered free polishes that I had to be there on the first day and grab my free polish. It was a no brainer and I wanted to get my hands on 'caramel' the shade which reminded me of London.

First impressions: I preferred when there was no diet coke sticker on the lid of the bottle, it makes the fact that you got it as a freebie even more obvious.


This second picture is probably the most accurate in terms of colour and 'mismatch' again my skintone. I won't beat around the bush and there is no other way to say it: I don't like it and I don't like this shade on me. I feel the nude colour does nothing for my skin tone and I find it bland bland and bland. I can already hear what a typical pragmatic bloke would think looking at this shade: what’s the point of having nail polish on if it’s going to look the same colour as your skin? He’s right!


Did anyone say corpse hands? How obvious, incidentally, is it that I am trying to hide as best as I can the nail of my index finger lol? :P




What a shame. I could cope with Miscellaneous (the rosy nudey  mannequin shade of MissGuided (freebie from cosmopolitan magazine) and by retrospect I quite like it now, but I honestly don't see myself wearing Caramel on my nails. Not on its own anyway.

I've tried to pair it with my new love (this will have to be the subject of another post) Revlon Color Beam in Starlight, it's a little bit better but still not me. I shouldn't complain, caramel came as a freebie but I cannot help but feeling disappointed. Caramel hasn’t never tasted as bland as today…




Heather S. said...

I have been obsessed, lately, with the caramel and brown toned polishes. I won't lie that I have indeed bought a few, and noticed that several do not look so great on my skintone - but heck! I'm gonna wear them anyways ;) Lovely post as always, sweet Liloo xxx

jaljen said...

I say the same as Heather. ;o)

missy_ellie_uk said...

Caramel looks a bit funny on my skintone too, I think it's a little too warm, whereas London has more of a mauve tinge. I'm sure I'll still wear it though anyway! I really like the Heather Grey from this round of diet coke freebies, have you tried that one? x

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I actually rather like it on you in the pics, but then maybe it is being cooled down a little. I have the same problem with any pale pink colour . You have beautifully shaped nails and a stronger colour would show them off more, but then you'll know that anyway. Love the pics. Jan x

BerryliciousBeauty said...

I got this too, along with all the other colours (well they were technically free LOL)...
I know what you mean about the colour - I'm NW20 skintone and it can be a bit wishy washy, but it makes a fantastic base for doing an animal print look on the nails as I showed on my blog here

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