Sunday, 2 January 2011

Outfit and Makeup for New Year’s Eve - Fail

I don’t know how you fashion bloggers take pictures yourself of your outfit but I am really struggling. How on earth you manage to do these shots of yourself in the mirror with not the flash glaring back at you, I really don’t know. I really liked what I wore for new year’s eve but sadly I failed to capture it very well and I mainly rely of some random girl in the ladies’ toilets in a bar to take a picture for me. Sadly it didn’t work out and the pictures didn’t come out very well. So please excuse the little bits of photo I took to recreate the photo of the night and most of all please excuse the unsightly yellow lighting.

I decided to wear a fancy black corset, a simple black skirt, some really high heels from New Look., with a little jean jacket. I wanted a all black outfit because I wanted a very very dramatic makeup.




Accessories wise, I wore one of my favourite pendant: a diamante pendant from Asos, teamed up with a random diamante cheap bracelet and a black jet butterfly bracelet from Diva (bought at warehouse if my memory serves me right.



For my makeup, I wore nearly exactly the same makeup as my contest entry for Glitterdollz7 but I made the cut crease even more dramatic and drag makeup looking, with a extended ‘up in the air’ white wing. Of course it had to be all glittery as well. Details for everything I used to do this look in my previous post here. These pictures were taken before lipstick. I wore mytrusted mac blankety and the first lipgloss I found.
What about the contouring and the blush and all that, will you ask? I did put some stuff on the cheeks from elf but 1. I am not very good at it 2. My camera which is very kind to me and smoothes my features/skin and all, also washes off my contouring attempts.





TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Love the look! I'm the same - I've never managed a good outfit post! xx

Kavey said...

Instead of using mirror, get simple tripod (even a gorilla one) and use the delay timer on your camera. Much easier than the mirror dance!

liloo said...

@kaveyF thank you so much chickie xx
@thebbb thank you :) aim for this year, getting better photography wise

Phoebe said...

On the constant hunt to find a suitable place to balance my camera while it runs on auto timer to take an outfit pic.. still on the lookout.

thefashionfreak said...

:O that makeup look is AMAZING! AMAZING! Can you come and live with me and do my makeup like this when I go out? Ahahaa ;) xx

Ditzymakeup said...

Your coming to Birmingham and doing my makeup like that!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! xxx

missy_ellie_uk said...

I can't do outfit photos either - I never wear anything interesting enough to photograph but y'know. Love the makeup again! x

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