Sunday, 20 February 2011

Earth Child ‘Forest’ Palette from BeautyUK - Review and FOTD

One item on my never ending wishlist of makeup products has been the 'Earth Child’ Eyeshadow Palette from Beauty UK, after being really impressed with my very first purchase from the brand, the Day and Night Palette (reviewed & fotd'ed here) So you can imagine how chuffed and bouncing up and down when Beauty Uk sent Earth Child (or the forest palette as I like to call it) for review purposes, especially for someone like me with a very small beauty  blog.


The sturdy palette contains a lovely combination of 10 eyeshadow inspired by the theme of Earth, with 2 matte shadows (the black on the top row and the brown on the bottom) and 8 shimmery eyeshadows. All the shadows are very soft, you have to be gentle with them but in return they deliver a very good pigmentation. Despite their softness, I have not experienced not much fall out at all. The matte colours have almost a velvet feel to them and do not have this chalk effect which I have found lots of matte shadows have. The shimmery ones enchant me, they have the perfect amount of shimmer in them and are not 'in your face, disco ball' glittery.


My favourite colours? hard to choose as I love them all. I'd say the star shadows of this palette are the copper (4) and the green colours (5 & 10) and this taupy grey (7) Colours 6 and 9 are perfect for highlighting, the black, used lightly (1) would intensify any colour combination you used on the lids and you can also use the matte brown (8) to fill in your eyebrows.



In short, a perfect mix of colours and this palette gets all my thumbs up. If you usually find the eyeshadow palettes from beauty uk too bright, this might be for you. The best of all? Only £3.99. I’ve had a little play with the palette. I have used the colours marked with stars on the picture below:




Additionally, I used my regular H&M black eyeliner, UNE skin glow eye pencil, and some falsies from Ardell. For the lips, my favourite lip stick of the moment: Mac Velvet Teddy with a little bit of Natural Collection Clear Lipgloss.



Beauty's Bad Habit said...

It looks lovely! Such beautiful colours. I like how tiny the Beauty UK palettes are, takes no room up in over night bags etc :)

Nats said...

oh wow they're stunning! i love their packaging, MUCH sturdier than sephora ones (actually had that proved on friday) xx

Jenna said...

excellent post, what a gorgeous range of colours.

Louise said...

oo do they name the palettes no they used to just be numbered

Bicky said...

Oooh I love this combination! Love the lashes too. <3

Get Gawjus! said...

these palettes are fab aren't they! You did a lovely job :)

Rachel said...

This looks like the perfect palette for taking away with you! I might have to get my hands on it before I go away for a few days next month!

It looks fab on you.


Claire@Eyelining said...

Love the look you created! It looks like a really handy little planet x

femketje said...

lovely look and the palette looks great

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