Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunny Orange Drops Nails: GOSH NOTD

My fingernails are happy. I absolutely adore orange. Orange eyeshadow make my brown eyes 'pop', I am obsessed with orange lips, incidentally the only fruit I allow myself to buy and store in large quantities in my house is orange and I couldn't imagine being with another mobile phone provider than Orange. Yes I love orange but this is orange on my nails is not any kind. This feels like orange juice nails and the sun shining through it. This feels like carrying the sun with you. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a little crush of mine: Gosh Orange Drops (581) Nail Polish.


Kaboom. Bright or what? Application was not the easiest. Well it was easy but it does take 4 coats to reach full opacity. *yaaaaawn* I usually don't mind a bit of nail line showing but with this polish, I feel you need true opacity. So on this occasion, I totally cheated. I applied a base (I've learned from my mistakes now) then a coat of mannequin nude polish as I like to call it from Miscellaneous Missguided, then 2 coats of orange drops. This tip of layering a sheer polish over a nude coat, I've learnt it from Helen Nice things. Thank you very much Helen. It worked wonders :)



This screams summer, but this colour is too gorgeous to wear just for summer and should be worn whenever you need cheering up and brightening up. Gosh Orange drops is very easily found at Superdrug and can be purchased for £5. Watch out for 3 for 2 offers on Gosh which happens many times a year.


Overdose of photos? Well you don’t want them to go to waste, do you? :P



ElenaKat said...

beautiful colour!!
It really cheers you up!

Big Fashionista said...

Gorgeous. Will definitely purchase this. X x

beautydiarist said...

This is a fab orange - very cheery. Thanks for this. Jan x

Rebecca said...

Orange nails don't usually do it for me but that looks a gorgeous shade - will deffo have to try that one out!
Rebecca x

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